This is Fabric, the social network created by former employees of Facebook: App of the Week

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As the week begins, Apple introduces a new app to help you get the most out of your iOS devices. Today we’re talking about creating a group of former Facebook employees. This is Fabric, a social network that was launched in 2016 but recently relaunched to offer users a tool to record their activities, photos, memories and other moments shared with friends and family .

This is Fabric, the social network created by former employees of Facebook: App of the Week
This is Fabric, the social network created by former employees of Facebook: App of the Week

However, unlike Facebook, Fabric ensures that all information entered there is private by default, which means that user data is not shared with third parties.

Two former Facebook co-founders

As indicated by TechCrunch, Fabric’s creators are Vijayvergiya and Nikolay Valtchanov, who worked for several years on the social network. In that time, Vijayvergiya built the product that would later become the Facebook timeline, something he did in an internal hackathon. He also worked on products such as Friendship Pages, Year in Review and On This Day, while Valtchanov developed integrations between Facebook and fitness applications.

. Everything at Fabric is private by default. You have to choose to include friends in your moments. We do not share any data with advertisers

After several years of working there, they decided to go out and create their own social network, away from the negative issues that Facebook has, among which everything related to privacy stands out.

Therefore, both created a kind of personal diary that allows users to publish the most representative moments they live with their family or friends. But the key thing in this aspect is that the application automates the process by including photos, publications from other social networks , places visited by users and more, locating them in its map interface.

A personal diary to remember

Another key feature of Fabric is that the user can search for those moments he has posted on the social network whenever he wants. This way, for example, he can write “restaurant France 2018” or “birthday Mom” and the platform will throw the publications corresponding to that event.

“The whole motivation behind Fabric is that many significant parts of your life do not belong in the public sphere (…) In order to capture these moments, user confidence is essential and is something we have incorporated into our corporate culture. Internally, we refer to ourselves as a ‘private first’ company” , explains Vijayvergiya.

According to TechCrunch, Fabric’s long-term goal is for users to be able to look back through their personal history to answer any kind of question about where they were, what they did and who they were with, but in a more private environment than on Facebook.

Fabric can be downloaded for free from the App Store. At the moment the application is exclusive to iOS, but soon the platform will launch a desktop version so that more users can access its services.

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