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This is Deezer’s new test application for OS X

Deezer is a more discreet Spotify competitor (probably because it is not present in the United States, although it is present in 182 others), but it is gradually gaining characteristics that deserve our attention. They have a good catalogue and an interesting iOS application, but we’ve been waiting for a long time for a new native application of the service for Mac (not the one we had five months ago) that could allow us to have the web open to listen to music on our computers. The wait is over: Deezer for Mac is here .

I was able to test the application for a few days before its launch (Deezer kindly gave me a temporary Premium+ account for this), so I can now give you my impressions . If you’re considering finding another way to listen to streaming music that is different from the native Spotify application, perhaps this will help you decide.

This is Deezer’s new test application for OS XThis is Deezer’s new test application for OS X

h2. Deezer for Mac: you don’t need a whole window to play songs

It may seem that Deezer for Mac is too simple, but it covers all functions well

While the native Spotify for Mac application is a full window, Deezer is placed as an icon in the top menu bar and drop-down window . From there we have a side menu where we can access our track library, custom recommendations, playlists, albums we’ve bookmarked and what we’re currently playing. In a lower bar we have the playback controls, from where we can also activate the shuffle of songs. And of course, the playback of the songs can be controlled using the Apple keyboard.

We can move the window around the screen, separating it from the icon in the menu bar, but we cannot change its size. It will depend on our tastes and preferences when listening to music, but this makes Deezer a very simple program compared to its competitors. Here we have it playing the same song on Spotify:

Something has to be sacrificed to achieve this simplicity, and in Deezer’s case it is all the social functions . They’re still there, but hidden by a button next to the song we’re playing. A drop-down menu offers us to share what we hear on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, although its interface is very green and without any kind of style:

As for the musical quality, it is more than enough and we have the basic option to improve it through the application’s preferences. From there we can select the “high quality” playback (I miss knowing exactly what quality that is), hide the songs that can’t be played, modify the cache size and determine if we want Deezer to open at startup:

This last function also needs to be corrected, because even if you select the “Never” Deezer option it still opens at the beginning. You should go to the “Users and Groups” panel of the system preferences and manually disable the startup of Deezer at the “Startup” tab.

Deezer para Mac beta

Another original thing about Deezer for Mac is how it manages its content in the OS X Finder itself : in smart folders where it stores all the albums and artists we’ve played, the searches we’ve done or even the songs we’ve uploaded to the service because they’re not in their original catalogue. These are not MP3 files directly, but .dzr files that serve to link to the streaming of the song we want. Personally, I prefer to look for them through the App itself, although those who are more fond of using the Finder will appreciate this:

Sometimes I have encountered more errors that need to be polished : sometimes the playback controls don’t respond, or the songs don’t load correctly and there are cuts in playback (I don’t think this is a problem with my 100 MB fiber connection that was completely free while testing the application). Even so, we have to think that we’re looking at a beta version and that this kind of errors are normal while Deezer is putting the finishing touches.

Deezer for Mac has a good foundation, but they still have a lot of work to do

Overall, Deezer for Mac has caught my attention . It shows that it doesn’t take much to control all aspects of a streaming music service, and makes the window for other options seem too complicated and cloying. We want to listen to music, not control the launch of a NASA rocket.

But at the same time, we realize that we are dealing with something in evidence. The application doesn’t respond properly sometimes, and if we click a lot on its options in a few seconds we even get a complete crash of the application. A lot of details still need to be fixed, but it’s certainly an application that you need to test as soon as possible if you’re signed up for a paid Deezer account.

The beta is public and you can download it for free from the official website of the service. As with all other streaming services, to fully enjoy the catalogue without ads we have to subscribe to a premium account.

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