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this is Apple’s invention of the year

Un cable para cargarlos a todos (tus gadgets de Apple)

Y es que, hay que recordar que, a pesar de que nuestros iPhone tienen certificación IP67, lo cierto es que no pueden hacer nada si tenemos algo de agua en el conector y los enchufamos a la corriente. Por eso, detalles como este pueden evitar bastantes averías causadas de forma accidental , algo de agradecer, teniendo en cuenta que no lo cubre la garantía.

this is Apple’s invention of the year
this is Apple’s invention of the year

¿Cuáles han sido vuestras peores experiencias con el cable de Apple?

Whenever we talk about Apple cables, it’s not exactly to flatter them. Although we would like to say the opposite, the truth is that the quality of these accessories, especially the official ones, is not only disappointing , but it reaches the dangerous. We don’t know if their cables are made of some kind of alloy that sacrifices all the resistance to offer the power that the charging process of an Apple device will need, but they could already make a normal one.

Jokes aside, Apple is perfectly aware that this is one of its big problems, and it’s probably a topic that consumers keep reminding them about. That’s why they’re working to give us a better experience, both in terms of eliminating them completely, as with wireless charging; and in terms of continuing to use them. For the latter, a new patent has been registered which could give us a clue as to what is to come.

In the patent they have shared since Patently Apple, we can see a new type of termination for the Lightning cable. This form would have been chosen in order to be able to seal the connector when charging the device, and protect the connectors from possible liquid ingress. This way, our phone, tablet, or any of the accessories that use the Lightning connector, would be protected against this important threat.

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