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This is all you should do before installing iOS 9

The day has come. If there are no changes, we should be able to start installing iOS 9 from this afternoon , probably at 19:00 in Spanish time, and that means that many of your iPhones and iPads will change operating system. No, it is not a simple update like the others.

And for that reason, you have to be prepared. If we start installing iOS 9 directly without going through some things first, we may run into problems that will take much longer to install the new system. So here we go with some tips to follow now that there is still time .

Simple but crucial: remember all the passwords

This is all you should do before installing iOS 9
This is all you should do before installing iOS 9

Of course I remember my Apple password! Okay, sure? Because you may be talking about your Apple ID, but are you clear on the iPhone unlock code? Maybe you forgot it if your iPhone has a Touch ID. Also, think about rebooting your phone, so you’ll need to know the PIN code of your SIM card. There’s more than one password out there .

Just in case, and if we install iOS 9 by connecting our terminal to a Mac, it’s a good idea to know the administrator password for that computer. It may seem absurd, but believe me: a review of all that is never wrong . There are times when the mind goes completely blank and that’s when the problems start.

That iOS 9 occupies less is not an excuse: do clean up

Now is a good time to start removing all those applications and games that we no longer use , thus freeing up space that may be key to upgrading to iOS 9. If you think you still won’t get the space you need, think about upgrading with the device connected to iTunes and needing less free space. And no, it doesn’t matter that they said that iOS 9 does it only: it’s best to be prepared.

If this still doesn’t work, another thing you can do is delete the offline music from services such as Apple Music or Spotify, or simply sync the device by deleting all the songs and videos stored on it temporarily so you can restore it once iOS 9 is up and running. The same thing can be done with photos, passing them all momentarily to the Mac using the Image Capture application .

Load the device, check syncs and… Backups!

Whether using iTunes or iCloud, always have a backup of your entire system in case things go wrong. Apple tries to cover all obstacles, but Murphy’s law is there. If you want a full backup that includes all locally saved applications, it’s best to do it with iTunes.

Another thing to do that shouldn’t be necessary but you can do if you don’t trust it: back up your calendar and address book manually via the Mac in case iCloud fails. In fact, before upgrading check that all iCloud data is properly synchronized .

Finally, another very obvious thing in case we don’t have available plugs at the time of the update: try to charge it first so we don’t run out of battery in the middle of the update.

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