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this is all he’s able to do without blinking

That iMac Pro isn’t for everyone is obvious from its starting price, as well as from its higher configuration. If you look at just how striking these numbers are, you’re completely forgetting the story behind the most powerful Apple computer ever made .

The iMac Pro is not a toy .

Power at the service of real time

If playing games from time to time, editing videos with iMovie from time to time, managing a photo library of 20,000 photos, or handling 30-tab spreadsheets is the most you’ll ever ask of your Mac (as is my case), the power of an iMac Pro becomes difficult to understand . Yes, it does. Everything is faster, things are done in less time, and the computer is sure to fly.

But does really need so much power? What is the difference? Isn’t an iMac loaded to the max? As a first-time iMac user, I’ve been asking myself these questions ever since Apple announced it was working on two top-of-the-line, professional-grade computers: the iMac Pro and a new Mac Pro.

There are users for whom speed is still too slow, that’s the iMac Pro audience

Anyone who has been interested in technology and computers for a while, you will notice that there are very demanding users who always mention these three laws:

  1. You can never have too much RAM.
  2. You can never have too much storage.
  3. You can never have too much processor or graphics power.

There are certain workflows and tasks that require enormous power and for which the timeout in their execution is key. It is not the same to have a computer that takes ten minutes to execute something as a different one that does it in a minute or less. Timeout is especially relevant for tasks that require constant modification and heavy testing.

Waiting time is key, because it can make the difference between doing more tests or not. Between adding new features to a project or not. Now, with iMac Pro, there are tasks that do away with wait times, renderings , or working with lower-resolution or less-fidelity items. Because all its power is in the service of real time . A real turn of the screw for the most demanding users.

Here’s what an iMac Pro can do that no other Apple computer can

Despite the fact that the delivery times for this new equipment have already been delayed by several weeks and that the 18-core models will not start being delivered until 2018, Apple has given the equipment to several media, companies and certain very demanding professional users. In Daring Fireball, John Gruber gives several examples of what the new iMac Pro can do exclusively (no other Mac can):

  • Logic Pro X, Apple’s professional audio and music editing software, can take advantage of everything iMac Pro has to offer. It’s tuned to run on 36 cores – the 18 cores of the “dual-threaded” iMac Pro – so you can work on huge projects in real time.
  • Ya puedes comprar el iMac Pro, toda la información que necesitas saber.

    Final Cut Pro X, the equally professional video editing app created by Apple, adds features for Virtual Reality video editing.

  • Electronauts is an app for music production in a virtual reality environment. The company that developed this software, still in beta, is called Survios, and iMac Pro is capable of playing all of this in a virtual environment without any fuss.

Real-time and Virtual Reality environments are key to this iMac Pro

  • Twinmotion is a software used by architects to transform their CAD designs into a 3D scenario that can be walked on. With weather effects, changing lights and everything. In real time.
  • Gravity Sketch, as shown in this video, is a tool for drawing in 3D in a Virtual Reality environment. As one of the commentators in this video says, “this is probably how God created us”. Impressive.
  • Adobe Dimensions is probably the most amazing of all. It takes objects in 2D, converts them into 3D and also allows you to edit them in three dimensions, as shown in the video. Another spectacular example.
this is all he’s able to do without blinking
this is all he’s able to do without blinking

In almost all of these cases, it is important to note that these are virtual environments that are managed in real time . Without delays or drops of frames. Other professions that require working with giant databases, such as certain scientific teams, software developers and engineering projects will benefit from a team like iMac Pro.

More specifically, both machine learning or machine learning and the development of artificial intelligence are a very hot area in recent years that require a lot of power. Particle simulation with programs such as Maya (video above) is also an intensive task for which iMac Pro will be a more capable device than a conventional iMac.

The hardware Apple has built into iMac Pro is a beast. It’s not just a computer with a new apple and a new color. This Mac is not a toy .

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