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This iPhone 8 & X case features a removable battery

The accessories for the iPhone are becoming more and more surprising (which doesn’t have to be useful). This is not the case of the battery case we are discussing today, as we do find it really practical.

Thanks to this two-part battery case, we will have the opportunity to move freely around the city or on our travels without worrying about the charger and the cable, as well as finding a plug. Where we will have our iPhone protected, but when we need a charge, we can attach the battery in the back of it.

This iPhone 8 & X case features a removable battery
This iPhone 8 & X case features a removable battery

It also includes wireless charging with standard Qi, the same as both iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Its price is really attractive, especially if we think that we have a 2 in 1, comprising a protective case and a 4800 mAh portable battery.

We won’t deny it, no matter how many handset upgrades we have each year, it’s very difficult to endure a working day with the batteries that are built into the iPhone. iOS 11 also helped the cause, but it won’t change the battery life much with iOS 12 either, especially with the natural degradation of the current iPhone batteries.

With this 2-in-1 sleeve we do have this problem solved, as we simply have to make use of the external battery when we need it, without having to charge it with a portable battery. Besides, it is magnetic, so we will have our pockets and hands free. Something we cannot do with an external battery.

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The reviews on this product are very good, getting the 5 stars of positive ratings on Amazon. About its price, it is honestly not bad, especially including the standard Qi . This allows it to be used by any device that is compatible with this standard, although of course, it won’t have the same ernogomy as with an Apple terminal.

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What do you think of this battery case? Do you think it’s an interesting solution for when we’re away from home?

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