This iPad magic trick is simply great

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Esta no es la primera demostración que Simon Pierro hace de sus habilidades en YouTube. El creador ya tiene varios vídeos demostrando las posibilidades que la tecnología aporta al ilusionismo si ambos se unen con algo de imaginación. En este caso, de la mano de Frozen, logrará encandilar con sus trucos a pequeños y mayores.

This iPad magic trick is simply great
This iPad magic trick is simply great

All the features of Apple products are so simple and easy to use, yet so powerful and useful at the same time, that instead of technology it sometimes seems like magic. However, this is the result of the symbiosis between hardware, software and services that only Apple can achieve today. What could be considered magic is what this artist achieves with his iPad, some illusionism tricks designed to bring a smile to the youngest members of the families.

Recently, a 10-year-old boy named Aiden sent a message to the magician Simon Pierro to show him some Christmas tricks with the iPad. He also sent him a drawing of the character Olaf, from the animated film Frozen, who would become the great protagonist of the magic show. And with a bit of creativity and a lot of skill, Pierro managed to put on a YouTube video of a little show in which the iPad was the top hat, and Olaf the rabbit (or rather, the snowman) he pulled out of it.

In the video we can see the various tricks that Pierro created to fulfill Aiden’s request, and although they are not the most complicated in the world nor the most difficult to predict, they do give an idea of how the iPad not only offers great possibilities within the limits of its screen , but also outside it. Thus, together with the iPad Pro, Simon Pierre proposes a whole show that combines the synchronization of the expressions of Olaf’s animation on the screen with different external elements.

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