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This bike helmet monitors your health and has turn signals that are activated by your Apple Watch

Riding a bicycle on the streets and roads is a risky sport. To minimize it, cyclists agree that it is necessary to be as visible as possible to the driver. Now, thanks to a smart helmet for cyclists , users of an Apple Watch will be able to have extra automatic visibility. This is the Lumos company’s helmet.

A bicycle helmet with LEDs and connectivity to the Apple Watch

Lumos is an interesting helmet for those looking for extra visibility at night, as well as at dusk and dawn. Apparently, it is an ordinary cyclist’s helmet, but it contains a series of specifications that make it something that goes beyond :

  • 48 LEDs distributed between the front and the back, in white, red and yellow.
  • Rechargeable battery of 3.7V and 800mAh
  • Autonomy of 3 or 6 hours depending on the mode, full recharge in 2 hours.
  • Connection via USB cable and proprietary port.
  • Bluetooth connectivity 4.2.
  • Remote control for the handlebar.
  • Weight 380 g and 15 x 27 x 23 cm.
  • One size adjustable between 54 and 62 cm.
  • Colors: white, black, blue and yellow.
  • Price: 179.99 euros at Amazon.
This bike helmet monitors your health and has turn signals that are activated by your Apple Watch
This bike helmet monitors your health and has turn signals that are activated by your Apple Watch

On paper, it could be the typical product that they have thrown connectivity away to call it smart. And in a way, that’s because you can use it with the included controller to activate the indicators. But the interesting thing about the helmet is that it integrates with the Apple Watch to detect your arm movements.

In theory, a cyclist who extends his left arm will turn left and if he puts the same arm upright, he will turn right. In practice, cyclists usually use both arms depending on the direction they are going to take. Lumos forces you to always use the same as you have the Apple clock in order to recognize the gesture made and activate the correct turn signal.

While it’s on, the Apple Watch will vibrate slightly on your wrist until you turn it off. To turn it off, move your wrist as if you were adjusting your watch.

A helmet with automatic activity monitoring

Integration with the Apple Watch is not the only ace in the hole for this smart bike helmet. Lumos has an iOS app that controls the helmet and its firmware, and also allows you to turn on the corresponding physical activity on the watch without having to do anything.

In other words, as soon as we switch on the helmet, it will start cycling without any intervention from the user. This is an interesting application of the connection between the helmet, iPhone and Apple Watch . However, it has the disadvantage that if you use the helmet during the day, you will most likely not turn on the light and will have to start monitoring manually.

This helmet activates cycling training automatically when the lights are switched on and without the rider’s intervention

Because turning a training activity on and off is one of the most uncomfortable aspects of the Apple Watch. After more than three years of using it, on numerous occasions I have forgotten to turn the monitor on or off , losing or prolonging my workouts. This is why accessories of this type are an added convenience.

Finally, it is interesting to note that Apple has recently started selling this helmet in its online store. Electric bicycles are becoming a booming means of transport in cities and it seems that Apple wants to test how well this type of proposal is sold.


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