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This backlit keyboard turns your iPad into a laptop

Having an iPad is synonymous with wearing protection and using a good keyboard, especially if we are going to use it for a long time and we don’t want to have any displeasure. In addition to working more comfortably.

This time, we have found an all-in-one, that is, a case with good resistance to shocks and with a keyboard similar to that of any PC, but with the difference that it is backlit in up to 7 different colours .

This backlit keyboard turns your iPad into a laptop
This backlit keyboard turns your iPad into a laptop

The best thing (besides its price) is that it works for several models of iPad of 9,7″ . From the iPad Air to the new sixth generation.

This keyboard offers the “ñ” key , important for not having to use stickers and making language and keyboard settings. In addition, it incorporates a series of quick action keys that will help us to turn up or down the volume, take a screenshot or lock (among other options) our device from a physical key.

The ratings and reviews are really positive, so there’s not much margin for error when selecting this keyboard for our iPad. Remember that it is one of the few that offers a backlit keyboard , but perhaps the only one that allows you to select up to 7 colors to illuminate it.

Its protection allows us to take our iPad anywhere with complete confidence without worrying about it getting damaged. It is currently priced at a reduced price for a limited time, but in addition, for a limited time, when you purchase a unit of this keyboard, you will receive an insured gift with your purchase.

We already mentioned the importance of choosing a good keyboard . So you know, if you’re looking for a good protection for your iPad and also have a full Spanish keyboard with backlit keys. This option is really interesting, especially if you take advantage of the limited time offer .

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What did you think of this iPad keyboard? Did you take advantage of the offer?