This artist turns AirPods into amazing Star Wars ships

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This artist turns AirPods into amazing Star Wars ships
This artist turns AirPods into amazing Star Wars ships

By Ángel Roca – Feb 4, 2020ShareFacebookTwitter

What if Star Wars had based the design of its spectacular ships on Apple AirPods? We’d probably get something similar to what Bob Al-Greene, senior illustrator at Mashable, brings us. This professional illustrator has shared in social networks his creations that fuse the design of the AirPods and their case with Star Wars ships .

The AirPods are undoubtedly one of the most popular wireless headphones, their design is very characteristic, despite the fact that other brands insist on copying them, Apple has managed to create a unique essence with these headphones . No doubt their bright white colour is very reminiscent of the Star Wars storm troopers’ uniform and Bob Al-Greene has made three wonderful creations.

Right now, Bob Al-Greene has three different drawings that look amazing, with two of them with the AirPods charging case and another with the headset itself , which transforms them into spaceships. At first he took his inspiration from the AirPod case to create his first two drawings.

This first one looks like a small ship, the second drawing looks like a bigger freighter with which to transport hundreds of passengers, though keeping the AirPods’ wireless cargo case as a base.

After the success of these first two drawings Bob promised a new approach but this time using the headset itself as the base of this new ship.

Without a doubt this last one is the most incredible of the three drawings, let’s hope his imagination doesn’t end here and Bob Al-Greene keeps creating incredible ships based on the AirPods, by the way if you want to follow him don’t hesitate, you’ll see incredible drawings on his Twitter profile.

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