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This Apple Watch strap allows you to carry your AirPods

Accessories created by third parties for Apple products in general do not usually go unnoticed, for better or worse. And in connection with the recent release of AirPods, many companies have turned their attention to creating truly amazing looking cases. However, there are others who have decided to go further and have created multi-function accessories.

Thus, it has been seen this week in Kickstarter, where a user has created a financing campaign for an Apple Watch band in which at the same time they can take the AirPods, baptized as AirBand . The project has a goal of $10,000.

This Apple Watch strap allows you to carry your AirPods
This Apple Watch strap allows you to carry your AirPods

The creator of the AirBand project, Matt Youngblood said the product is supposed to serve as a temporary replacement for AirPods in situations where the pocket case is not the best solution or is not available. He also commented that the product has already been tested and has a manufacturer online, but so far the financing for the materials and the hand needed to manufacture the product depends on it.

As in the campaigns that are usually created on the crowdfunding Kickstarter site, the AirBand campaign establishes a minimum collaboration amount of $20 per sponsor , to ensure at least one AirBand, with the possibility to start sending from April.

On the platform you leave a series of images with a fairly detailed explanation that justifies the creation of the product and in which you can see situations where the band can be useful , like trying to pay something in the store or working in a cafe and leave them while you concentrate on something else.

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