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This AirPod case adds wireless charging and is a real bargain

9,93 euros

Características de esta funda para AirPods

Como te hemos comentado se trata de una funda para AirPods muy recomendable , y además de todo lo que te hemos dicho también cuenta con otras características interesantes:

  • Disponible en dos colores: negro y rojo.
  • Protección 360 grados y ajuste preciso.
  • Compatible con todas las bases de carga Qi.
  • Posibilidad de seguir cargando mediante cable Lightning sin necesidad de quitar la funda.
  • Fácil instalación gracias a su diseño de silicona.
  • Ligera: pesa solo 30 gramos.
This AirPod case adds wireless charging and is a real bargain
This AirPod case adds wireless charging and is a real bargain

Probablemente se trate de la mejor funda para AirPods del mercado , buen diseño, materiales de calidad, funciones añadidas como la carga inalámbrica y un precio rompedor.

One of the last features that came along with the AirPods 2 was the ability to purchase them with a case capable of wireless charging. However this has a high cost compared to the normal model, no less than 50 euros . Now you can get that, plus good protection, for less than 10 euros .

AirPod cases have become almost as popular as Apple’s own earphones. We’ve got Pokémon cases, GameBoy cases, and even iPod cases, but none of them are as good as the one we’re introducing today. It’s a super thin silicone case that fits snugly and protects your AirPods and adds wireless charging , and at a price that’s a laugh.

It is a silicone case like the many that are sold, this makes it fit perfectly to the case, however in the back we have a small protrusion, which is barely noticeable, and that makes that by magic our AirPods can be charged in a Qi base wirelessly .

Moreover, Baseus has thought of everything and you will be able to continue charging your AirPods easily with the Lightning cable, since it includes a small cover on the bottom. Without a doubt, this is one of the best cases available for AirPods and costs less than 10 euros .

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