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This adorable child loves the Apple Watch Pixar Spheres

Todo lo que deseamos ver en watchOS 6

Desde watchOS 4 los usuarios del Apple Watch tienen disponible una esfera que se llama Toy Story . En ella tenemos disponibles a varios personajes de la conocida saga de películas, entre ellos Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Ham, Rex o la famosa pelota.

This adorable child loves the Apple Watch Pixar Spheres
This adorable child loves the Apple Watch Pixar Spheres

Cada vez que giramos la muñeca uno de los personajes aparece en la pantalla del Apple Watch y se mueve. Esto también sucede cada vez que tocamos la pantalla, como hace esquemas pequeño en el vídeo. Se trata de una esfera muy graciosa en la que solo tenemos disponible la hora y la fecha del día, aunque podremos personalizar el personaje que queremos que salga o si queremos que aparezcan todos de modo aleatorio.

Children often have a special relationship with Apple devices and today we bring you a little one who loves the animated Pixar spheres that Apple includes along with watchOS . These spheres arrived a few versions ago and are some of the most famous characters from the Toy Story movies.

So far Apple has not allowed to include third party spheres in watchOS, we don’t know if this will change soon with the future update to watchOS 6 that we will see very soon. However the company has added many different spheres these years and some of them are very entertaining to watch, at least for this funny kid.

This curious video comes to us from Reddit where it has been shared by a user of the platform. In it we can see how a little boy just clicks on the screen of the Apple Watch of what we suppose will be his father to see the different animations of the Pixar characters.

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