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This accessory is a must have for the new iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro comes with a new USB-C port, saying goodbye to the characteristic Lightning and forcing us to renew the adapters again in order to be able to connect some accessories to our iPad.

Accessories is a business for any company, but especially for Apple, since having a proprietary connector you can afford to launch 30 adapters to connect a network cable, a camera, a microphone, a headphone jack…

This accessory is a must have for the new iPad Pro
This accessory is a must have for the new iPad Pro

Now, with the arrival of the new USB-C port , we have the opportunity to find new accessories compatible with the new iPad Pro. You no longer need to go to the Apple Store online to make sure you have an MFI product to work properly on your device.

To take advantage of some of the new features of the iPad Pro we have two options , change our accessories completely and even the external monitor of our desktop or we can choose an accessory that will be more economical and will allow us to take advantage of the new iPad Pro.

In the Apple Store online we already found a series of accessories that can solve some barriers of use, but we also found proposals from third parties with a good quality and several entries of different types.

The new iPad Pro allows us to connect it to an external monitor to work more comfortably, but it is the applications themselves that will have to offer this possibility to users. In the adapter we present today, we can say that we can not find “lags” during use, or in games, videos or Internet browsing.

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Visiting the Apple website, we found a USB-C adapter with HDMI, USB-A and USB-C output . This adapter allows us to charge our iPad Pro while we are using our device and accessories, for example with the HDMI input for a screen. The problem is that it does not have very good ratings on the official page of Apple, one of the drawbacks is that for the price offered, we have a USB 2.0 input.

Luckily, in stores like Amazon we find some equivalent accessories with a more attractive price, like this one we just bought to be able to broadcast podcasts from our own iPad Pro , to have an expansion of our screen in a monitor with more inches and not to worry about the battery.

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