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Third party televisions to incorporate AirPlay 2 and Siri soon

After informing a few hours ago that Samsung will incorporate AirPlay 2 and iTunes in its future televisions, Apple has recognized that this integration will also be extended to other important manufacturers . This information has been published on the official AirPlay 2 website giving more details of this integration in the televisions of the most important manufacturers besides Samsung.

Apple’s website leaves the door open for AirPlay 2 to be “available soon” on some televisions but Samsung has gone a little further by stating that it will be in the spring when they will integrate this functionality into their equipment and will surely be the first to do so.

Third party televisions to incorporate AirPlay 2 and Siri soon
Third party televisions to incorporate AirPlay 2 and Siri soon

This integration is tremendously important as we will be able to easily share content between our iPhone, iPad or Mac with our television. This technology also allows video to be displayed on the television but the sound to be played on a separate computer as a compatible speaker such as the Sonos One.

By integrating with our Apple ecosystem the TV will become another HomeKit accessory appearing as one more in the Home application in our computers. This is why integration with Siri is also one of the great advantages that allows us to have the main televisions on the market incorporate AirPlay 2 technology.

Apple itself states that if we tell it “Play Game of Thrones in the living room,” it will display the requested content on your TV as if it were Apple TV. In addition s e may integrate with the Apple Music service but not with third party streaming music player applications.

As the last novelty to be highlighted, as it is one more audio player in our ecosystem, we will have in the blocking screen the multimedia content player while it is being played on TV. This will allow us to increase or decrease the volume, advance or delay the content… among other functions. In other words, we will have the same control on our iPhone without unlocking it.

We believe that this is the right way to encourage the sale of intelligent televisions, and to stimulate the use of HomeKit and Siri. At the moment we have not seen too many details of how it will work or how it will be integrated although the CES 2019 may leave us with different details from Samsung or other manufacturers. At the moment we only know that Samsung will integrate these technologies in spring, but about the rest we don’t know anything.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this new integration.

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