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Things that don’t happen with iPhone X Face ID: Lack of privacy

El País

Facial recognition is one of the distinguishing features of iPhone X . So much so, that several Android manufacturers have joined forces to try to bring together their respective R&D and develop it on their Android devices.

Things that don’t happen with iPhone X Face ID: Lack of privacy
Things that don’t happen with iPhone X Face ID: Lack of privacy

Although innovation always arouses a certain amount of suspicion, the data does not lie: the Face ID is more secure than the Touch ID and its error ratio is 1:1,000,000 to the 1:50,000 of the fingerprint sensor, although the latter is faster and users are already used to it.

But Face ID makes our iPhone X personal and non-transferable and adapts to our changes, make-up, hats, beard… and is also proof against coercion or someone trying to unlock it when you are asleep or unconscious…

So much so, that today we are going to tell you a news item that we read in El País and that if we had had an iPhone X, the event would not have happened .

Last Sunday, during a Qatar Airways flight from Qatar to Indonesia, an emergency detour and landing took place to expel a woman who had discovered her husband’s infidelity . How did she do it?

The trip is long and they both had a few drinks while they were in flight. The husband fell asleep and she took advantage of this oversight to unlock her mobile phone using her fingerprint . With the phone unlocked, she could see that her partner was unfaithful, unleashing his fury in the air. The scandal was such that, as we say, the plane had to be diverted to Chennai, where the couple and their son who was travelling with them were expelled.

The airline has issued a very lenient statement in which it refuses to comment on the facts for the privacy of its passengers, although airport security members have confirmed that a certain drunken passenger behaved in an inappropriate manner .