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Things 3 does not only fall in love with its functionality, but also with its design

The application Things 3 is one of the best alternatives for keeping track of your daily or long-term tasks, whether for a personal project or to manage the tasks assigned in your work or studies.

The new version of Things captivates at first sight with its minimalist and functional design. It also teaches us how to be more productive and manage our tasks. All this in an environment without distractions but at the same time offering us multiple options

Things 3 does not only fall in love with its functionality, but also with its design
Things 3 does not only fall in love with its functionality, but also with its design

One of the keys to productivity is to write down everything that comes to mind and then manage it according to priorities. To do this, we can use a physical notebook, some note app or go to a higher level and use a specific application like Things.

Things 3, when design is everything

I have to admit that my time in the applications to manage tasks has been too wide, I didn’t like to detach myself from the native applications where I had managed to manage my tasks. The combination of Reminders and Notes was simple and almost perfect because of its integration with the Apple ecosystem.

But honestly, one of the things I value most in an app is its design , I am a lover of minimalism. Apple’s native apps are good, very good, but let’s not deny it, Reminders is less graceful in design, at least for my taste, very functional yes, but nothing attractive at sight.

Things 3 has a clean design , tidy, synchronizes with the other apps we have installed and gets along well with Siri, something fundamental in a task manager application. So the guys at Cultured Code have done a really good job and I’m very happy with it.

Write it all down, manage it later

As soon as we start with Things 3, we can take a tour of the application to show us all the new features. In addition to explaining how we can manage our tasks effectively. There are many methods, the best known is GTD, but this already depends on each user. There is a common denominator between productivity methods and task management applications, it is to write it all down. Keep a clear head and save a little time to sort out those ideas.

Yes, managing tasks is a real hassle, you don’t know exactly how to order them, whether to leave them until tomorrow or postpone them for later in the day, but not for an hour either. Things 3 simplifies this process , it gives us the opportunity to remember an action during the day or for the night when we don’t want (or can’t) perform a task without a schedule at that time.

If we have a task that we want to repeat from time to time as a reminder, we also have the possibility to do it with a simple button. Simple, practical, useful. Just like that. Without complications . The minimalist interface is also conveyed in the actions of each task.

All synchronized

Things 3 has applications for the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac. It is true that each application is sold separately, which may limit purchase for certain users. The good news is that does not offer integrated shopping . You pay once and you always enjoy all its benefits. Personally, I prefer this type of payment to freemium applications.

If we get the pack of all the applications, we will have the possibility to synchronize them through iCloud . Any action we take will be updated in real time with the other applications.

The dedicated app for the Apple Watch is really functional, we have the possibility to see all our notes, mark them as done, add deadlines, add notes or ask Siri to save some new task. This surprised me pleasantly, the interaction with Siri , very successful.

Without a doubt, Things 3 is one of the best task management applications we can find in the App Store right now. It may seem expensive, but if the design and functionality is an important factor for you, Things 3 is the app you’ve been looking for.

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Have you tried Things 3? What did you think of the app?

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