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They say “it was a mistake”)

Yesterday, by surprise, and without any prior notice, Movistar started to send iPhone contract customers an SMS announcing a connection speed reduction after exceeding the 200MB contracted, from 128 Kbps 32 Kbps (upstream downstream) to half, 64Kbps and 16 Kbps.

We were all so surprised, as was the official twitter of Movistar Spain itself, which was quick to say that they were investigating where that message had come from, implying that they didn’t know the news either. Just 4 hours ago, the same official twitter reported that they were still investigating its origin and that in any case, if we detected a drop in speed, we would contact 1004 to restore it to the way it was.

They say “it was a mistake”)
They say “it was a mistake”)

It is not even clear what kind of reduction it would be, since the message implies that the reduction will occur when the limit of 200Mb is exceeded, although the same message has also been received by customers who have contracted 1Gb per month.

It seems that research is still underway to find out where this message came from, as a surprise download is really bad publicity in these previous moments when many customers are deciding with which company to buy an iPhone 4 . We will wait for clear and direct official news explaining the whole matter as soon as possible.

Updated : Movistar has just published on its official Twitter that “everything has been a mistake due to a parameterized message by mistake on the network” (whatever that means), and they claim that “it is not in our plans to limit the speed of Internet rates”.

It seems that they are passing all the information to 1004 and maybe we will receive another message from there confirming the error, to each and every one of us who have received the SMS. At least, that’s the least they should do.

Update 2 : Apology SMS are now being received for the “error” caused. You will receive all of them in the next few days (thanks Javier Ruiz for the capture):

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