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They get to run Windows 95 on the Apple Watch


If you’re one of those users who doesn’t mind waiting an hour for the device to boot up and be ready to use, it seems that it’s possible to enjoy the “benefits” of installing and running Windows 95 on an Apple Watch . Developer Nick Lee posted a video on YouTube tonight showing what it looks like once the operating system is up and running. It’s slow, to say the least, but it certainly seems to be more functional than we might expect.

They get to run Windows 95 on the Apple Watch
They get to run Windows 95 on the Apple Watch

As Lee points out in a blog, the specifications of Apple’s clock are far superior to those of a typical Windows 95 computer , so it makes sense that it should be able to run the old Microsoft operating system. Of course, there are a number of obstacles to getting this to finally happen, including the fact that Apple does not provide a way to install new operating systems on the clock, and much less applications that have not been tested and approved.

To get Windows 95 up and running, Lee had to modify Apple’s development software in “unorthodox ways” , he said in an interview with The Verge. That in turn allowed him to turn Windows 95 into a kind of Watch application, which also emulates an environment for the operating system to run in.

Lee also had to deal with the fact that Apple’s clock display tries to turn off when not in use. To cope with that, this developer created a motorized tube that constantly turns the crown of the clock , which prevents the clock from going into sleep.

The result of this experiment is very slow, but impressively functional. Lee says he alters the clock software to allow Windows 95 to track a single finger, allowing the mouse to move by touching wherever it goes.

For some reason, it seems that developers cannot resist rescuing classic games and applications and putting them on platforms for which they were not intended. Windows 95 is a very good example of this, although as we have already seen the execution leaves much to be desired.