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They create a Computer Keyboard Portrait of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has revolutionized our world, whether we like it or not

This is the anniversary of many causes. It’s been 30 years since the first Macintosh was introduced with a somewhat bizarre commercial broadcast right at Superbowl halftime. This ad is considered a great historical milestone, since marked the beginning of the revolution that this brand with an apple logo wanted to start .

Many years later, Apple again revolutionized the world by introducing a device that was capable of playing music through digital files. With a very beautiful design and challenging the entire recording industry, the iPod was launched. A device that brought Apple popularity, revenue and millions upon millions of sales.

They create a Computer Keyboard Portrait of Steve JobsThey create a Computer Keyboard Portrait of Steve Jobs

Shortly after that, another historic moment took place that we could all experience. In 2007, Apple took the stage to present a device that allowed people to talk to each other, listen to music and surf the Internet. With those famous words that said: ” We are going to present three revolutionary things, an iPod with a screen and touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone and an Internet communication device. It’s not three products, it’s just one, the iPhone .

Finally, another anniversary is about to be celebrated, that of the iPad . It seemed that the market was not ready for something like this, netbooks dominated the market and analysts predicted their failure. However, almost four years later, we are all in love with that touchscreen tablet that had the same system as the iPhone that many users loved.

Doug Powell has made a portrait of Steve with 5,892 used keyboard keys

Behind all these events was a person who, from a young age, had been aiming to achieve great things in history. He wanted to leave his mark on the universe and he did. With his products, with his presentations and, in short, with his company Steve Jobs worked year after year to be one of the characters of this historical period marked by technology .

When he died, many artists dedicated themselves to making portraits of this eminent figure. Whether in profile, foreground or whatever the artist chose, the face of Apple’s co-founder was recognized around the world. He had achieved his goal in life, to leave a mark . We suppose that this is why Doug Powell, an American artist, wanted to pay tribute to Steve with a portrait made exclusively with computer keys.

Now that 8-bit graphics are back in fashion, some keys reproduce Steve Jobs’ face as if the portrait were made with the original Macintosh. By placing up to 5,892 keys of different shades ranging from the colours of the oldest keyboards in beige to the most modern ones in black, we obtain the most vintage portrait of which he has been an example for all the great dreamers of this era .

As we are told by Huffingtonpost, the portrait has been acquired by the company Ripley Entertaiment, which will exhibit it freely . Thus, any fan who was thinking of acquiring it will have to put that idea out of his mind. Thanks to the CEO of this company, we are sure that the portrait will be cared for as a work of art of this caliber deserves.