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These would be the possible promotional images of the iPhone 8

Accustomed to the continuous leaks of images or renders of the new iPhone 8 next September, today we add the leak of the promotional images that will accompany the launch of this Apple device. Like all the previous ones, none of them is official, so it is likely that they will differ from the ones we see in the keynote.

The designer Quinton Theron has launched these new images that we comment and say are the ones that Apple will use in the promotion of the iPhone 8. It’s true that they are very similar to the ones we are used to seeing when Apple launches a product.

These would be the possible promotional images of the iPhone 8
These would be the possible promotional images of the iPhone 8

In these images, added below, the first thing we see is the 4 different colors that we will be able to acquire the new iPhone 8. Among these colors are: black, white, pink gold and gold . If you have read the previous articles about leaks, this new render differs with it since it is only expected to come out in three colors, white, black and gold copper.

Another new design that Theron has filtered is its wallpaper , in which a clown fish will appear, in honor of the tenth anniversary of the device, a design very similar to the original iPhone. As you can see below, these images show the device from different positions, simulating the result that Apple could choose to promote their phones, a mobile device very much awaited by apple lovers.

Four different colors on the new iPhone 8: MobileZone

In addition to these images that you have seen, Theron has shared other images, in which we can see a set of all the iPhones, in their different colors. In it we can also see the back of the device , which shows a confirmation of the double camera in vertical position and a ceramic case . This last feature is still difficult to secure one hundred percent, but we already know how the company holds patents for this type of phone, which would provide it with an essential component to avoid scratches.

Clownfish as a screen background on iPhone 8: MobileZone

iPhon 8 in white. Font: MobileZone

Everything could not be positive, even if the images are really striking and with a fairly high resemblance, they are not exact and present some errors or, rather, some inaccuracies. If we pay attention to a recent leak of the official cases of this iPhone model, this new iPhone would do without Touch ID both in the back and under the screen, as it has been rumored.

Back of iPhone 8. Source: MobileZone

As we can see, today one image is leaked and tomorrow another with substantial differences so it is difficult to get an exact idea of how the new Apple phone will be, which will celebrate its tenth anniversary. It doesn’t mean that everything is a lie but neither can we guarantee exactly the final result.

What we can assure you completely is that from Apple 5×1 we will keep you informed of any rumor, leak or news that is published about the long-awaited iPhone 8

What do you think of these new renders?

Leave us your impressions in the comments.

Source: MobileZone

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