These could be the Smartphone Manufacturing Moulds

A few days ago we brought you the images of a supposed iPhone 6 prototype that came from Foxconn itself and had been leaked by an employee of the factory. Perhaps, these were the only images in which we could see something real and tangible of the future smartphone of the Californian company , without taking for granted that they are true.

What we are used to seeing are computer-generated photorealistic representations from shots or sketches filtered from different more or less reliable channels. The images we bring you today are real photographs, supposedly also taken at Foxconn, of some moulds that would be used to make the future iPhone 6 .

These could be the Smartphone Manufacturing Moulds
These could be the Smartphone Manufacturing Moulds

In addition, others have been filtered in which we can see a paper outline of the model with quite a few technical details and some screenshots belonging to a CAD program with 3D representations of the referred moulds.

As with the previous cases, the veracity of the images cannot be confirmed. Neither can we know exactly the size of the body of the phone because there is no object close to the mold that serves as a reference for comparison.

The veracity of the images cannot be guaranteed, but a number of technical details can be seen

What you can see in the diagram image is the tremendously thin thickness of the phone and the bezel around the rounded screen , with a wider space at the bottom and top to accommodate the Touch ID home button and the FaceTime camera. The overall appearance could be considered to be within the standards we know from the iPhone.

If we take the images of the moulds as true, we could say that the mass production of the iPhone6 would be closer than ever and would confirm some rumours that placed the start of production of the model with 4.7-inch screen in May and the distribution in the month of July.

Let’s remember that most speculations talk about two possible sizes of iPhone 6 , one with a 4.7 inch screen that would arrive earlier to the stores and another with a 5.5 inch screen that would go on sale a little later.

For the big screen model, as our friends at iSpazio tell us, Apple could try a different approach with the thinning of the phone , although it would face the dilemma of the protrusion of the camera in relation to the body. Another possible change to this model would be the addition of the power button on the side of the device.

Do you think we would be facing the imminent production of the iPhone 6?

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