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These banks already offer operations and consultations through Siri in their apps in Spain

Little by little Siri has become a ubiquitous entity in our Apple devices. The Apple Voice Assistant started as a kind of app to be invoked from the Home button but over the years it has been blurring its presence to be available everywhere. It can be invoked by voice, has reached more devices than the iPhone, controls more system functions, is more customizable with Siri Shortcuts and… has been opened to third parties.

It is precisely in the section on third party apps that Siri is getting the most out of it. With iOS 10, Apple opened up its wizard so that developers could request things directly from Siri and run them in their apps. With this we can save a lot of time and unnecessary actions thanks to voice commands . Siri went from dictionary lookups and timers to a whole world of possibilities.

These banks already offer operations and consultations through Siri in their apps in Spain
These banks already offer operations and consultations through Siri in their apps in Spain

One sector of the App Store that is taking advantage of Siri’s integration with third parties is the banking sector. Multiple banking apps have integrated Siri into their systems so that we can directly use Apple’s wizard for some of the most common app functions. Hey Siri, how much balance do I have left’ or ‘Hey Siri, send 140 euros to Andrea’ are voice commands that we can execute directly without touching the phone.

In Spain some financial institutions that already allow this are the following:

  • Abanca: Pioneer in this field, the Galician bank allows its customers to use the Abanca Cash functionality from Siri thanks to the iOS app. With simple voice commands to Siri, users can order the sending of cash to any ATM for direct withdrawal.
  • N26: One of the pioneers in bringing new features to your app is the German bank N26. From iOS 10 you can transfer money to another person simply with a command like “Hey Siri, send X euros with N26 to Y for Z” where X is the amount of money, Y the recipient and Z the subject of the transfer.
  • CaixaBank and ImaginBank: The Catalan bank allows you to send money directly through Siri with a simple “Send money” type of order. At that moment the Apple assistant will ask for the amount you want to send and the recipient. With a simple confirmation the transfer will be made.
  • BBVA: Another of the banks that are making the most progress in incorporating new features into its mobile app is BBVA. From the same Apple assistant we can ask how much balance we have left in the accounts we have or send a specific amount to someone else.
  • Banco Sabadell: Banco Sabadell is the last one to join this ship. With the latest update of the app users will be able to send money through Bizum if they have the Sabadell Wallet app installed on their iPhone. Likewise, with the Banco Sabadell app you can check your balance directly by voice using Siri

In addition to these advances in terms of iOS integration, it should be remembered that virtually all banks in Spain now have Apple Pay . With Apple’s payment service, users can pay with their bank account more quickly and securely directly with their iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch.

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