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These are today’s free applications and games

Although the weekend is giving its last collation of those applications and paid games that only today you can find for free. So we invite you to visit the ones we propose and go download them as soon as possible .

Code Guess – mastermind ‘s code-breaker

If you’re a certain age, you might remember the game of MasterMind. Here you have its digital version, with which you can spend hours and hours of fun with a game that has grown up with a whole generation . You can have it for free just today.

Fluntro Exif Viewer for DSLR photography

These are today’s free applications and games
These are today’s free applications and games

Exif Viewer is an application that we have talked about many times. It seems that it does not, but it does many things and it is very appreciated by photographers. This application also contains the ExifViewer plug-in, which is able to give you a lot of data about your photos. It is a universal app, once purchased you can use it on all your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch). Highly recommended and absolutely necessary if you like to be behind the lens.


Gunslugs is a fun arcade action game with a somewhat retro look, and that’s part of its charm. This doesn’t mean it’s not worth it, because you can spend hours dead with it . Now is your chance to have it for 0 euros.

Word Puzzle – Connect words

With word games it’s the same as with puzzles, they are always at the top of the charts because they are so popular. This is due to the fact that are easy to play , they entertain, and in this case, they stimulate the intellect.

We hope that this list today was of interest to you. If not, remember that every day we bring out top applications that are temporarily posted for free . Don’t let us down.

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