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These are the winks that make the iPhone 8 different videos on YouTube

The iPhone 8 is one of Cupertino’s company’s devices of which we don’t have clear and concise rumors of how its design will be or what technologies it will incorporate. In spite of this, in numerous videos of considerable weight due to its number of visits, it seems that some quite interesting concepts are coming out of this new device. Some might be a simple mockery of this new terminal, although some people take it as a reality.

The first wink to iPhone 8 is in the trailer of Spiderman HomeComing

Sequence of the SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING trailer where you see a possible iPhone 8

These are the winks that make the iPhone 8 different videos on YouTube
These are the winks that make the iPhone 8 different videos on YouTube

The trailer of one of the most desired movies by all superheroes fans, Spiderman Homecoming , has also been dominated by a device that could be very similar to the future iPhone 8. This is a terminal in which the screen covers the whole front part. This video of course I leave you below

Although many of you will say that the operating system that it presents is something strange , I don’t deny it, because it’s the first thing that I thought, but the design is quite interesting, and who knows, maybe for this trailer, Cupertino’s people have left them a terminal to show it shyly, don’t you think?

The second wink we have seen on YouTube is in a video clip by Tiziano Ferro

Yes, although you may find it incredible, in the video clip of a song we have seen the second “prototype” of the iPhone which may be a simple demo based on the different rumors we have been hearing, to give some intrigue to the video in the face of us, the Apple fans who are eager to know how the new iPhone will be.

The video clip, of course I leave it to you below, exactly the minute we seem to see the so-called iPhone 8.

If you have seen the video clip I have attached, you will have noticed that a kind of Elvis had in his hand a terminal that was only a screen to show various photos . This kind of terminal is what we all want in our pocket from September.

Most likely this is a simple joke by the producers of this trailer and video clip , but it has left us with the thought that the iPhone 8 prototype is present in this type of videos, not at all related to technology.

Tell us what you thought of these appearances in the comment box.

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