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these are the sensors that will blow your mind

The iPhone 8 will have a lot of new features compared to previous iPhones, although most of them are already available on competitive devices. Yes, the 3D facial recognition feature is going to be much more sophisticated than anything found on an Android device, and much more secure, but is not a totally unique feature for the iPhone .

However, iPhone 8 was supposed to offer users a feature that is not available on any other device besides the prototypes: a under-screen fingerprint sensor . This may obviously not be ready this year, according to most of the recent iPhone 8 reports circulating, but Apple has certainly developed the technology to power it.

these are the sensors that will blow your mindthese are the sensors that will blow your mind

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According to Apple Insider patent number 9747488 called Active sensor element for acoustic imaging systems , would allow a fingerprint imaging technology to be placed under the screen .

The system will use the acoustics to detect and read the user’s fingerprint, replacing the usual optical sensor located on the iPhone icon. Apple would therefore be able to expand the iPhone screen and remove the home button, without losing the fingerprint detection capabilities.

However, doesn’t mean it’s ready for mass consumption , nor is it clear if this is the type of technology Apple plans to use for Touch ID in the future. Furthermore, this is not the first patent describing a potential technology to power an on-screen fingerprint sensor.

What is true is that most reports agree that Apple has found a lot of problems with this mole of fingerprint readers under the screen. The competitors aren’t doing any better , and Samsung is only waiting to unearth the mobile technology in about a year when the Galaxy Note 9 (or whatever it’s going to be called) is launched.

What do you think about the development of this technology? Will we see it in 2018 or will it be discarded? We look forward to your comments as always .

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