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These are the reasons why Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp fell

Yesterday was one of the most serious crises of Facebook . And this time it was not due to a new privacy scandal but to a crash in their servers that caused the consequent fall of other services such as WhatsApp and Instagram . Many users were affected by this failure which lasted several hours. The time it took to resolve it was shocking compared to other times.

Such has been the magnitude of yesterday’s fall that some media such as the BBC describe this service interruption as the most serious in the history of the company . It was also compared to a fall suffered in 2008 when the service had 150 million, for the 2,300 million that exist now.

Why did the Facebook servers go down?

These are the reasons why Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp fell
These are the reasons why Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp fell

Some experts claimed yesterday that the fall was due to a Distributed Denial of Service attack, known by its acronym DDoS. However, the company itself used its Twitter account to deny that it was such an attack. Others believed that an overload in the database caused the system to crash. Axios, on the other hand, points to serious problems, but no malicious attacks .

“A blackout that prevented many people from accessing Facebook and Instagram on Wednesday was caused by a particular type of routing problem known as a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) leak, according to network management firm Netscout. While not malicious in nature, such problems can lead to widespread problems, as was the case with Facebook.

Such problems stem from the fact that the Internet is not a single network, but a network of networks. According to Axios cyber security reporter Joe Uchill, BGP is notoriously insecure and easy to mess up by accident. reports Axios .

The BBC, based on data from DownDetector, believes the problem may have started at 16:00 GMT on Wednesday. From that time onwards, users had problems posting content to Facebook and Instagram, while on WhatsApp most users could exchange written messages but not multimedia files such as photos, videos or audio messages.

Telegram was the most benefited from the fall

Telegram is an increasingly popular messenger service. With both similarities and differences to WhatsApp, this application typically sees more activity during WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger crashes. Yesterday was no exception and the service registered a larger mass of users than usual.

According to The Verge, Telegram has received in the last 24 hours the spectacular figure of 3 million new users . This is undoubtedly a significant figure, the reasons for which are obvious. These joined more than 200 million users who have been active in the service since March last year.

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Leave us in the comment box as you spent yesterday with the Facebook problems. Did you download any application to replace the downed services?

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