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These are the reasons why Android users come to iOS, according to a survey

Los usuarios de iOS son más propensos a pagar por apps que en Android, según un estudio

Apple has its market share with iOS and the same goes for Google and Android, but what we normally imagine as groups of people loyal to one platform actually translates into a continuous flow of people going from one system to another depending on whether it benefits them. And both Apple and Google are very interested in knowing the reasons why consumers change their ecosystem.

These are the reasons why Android users come to iOS, according to a survey
These are the reasons why Android users come to iOS, according to a survey

And now, a PC Magazine survey of 2,500 US consumers reveals what are the most used arguments for switching from Android to iOS in a market as saturated as the US. And the results, as you’d expect, are a sea of interest.

The main reason should make Jonathan Ive proud: iOS has a better user experience

The biggest reason why users are switching from Android to iOS, with almost half (47%) of them agreeing on their opinions, is the best user experience offered by the Apple mobile platform. As a second reason we have the best features of the devices, including the quality of the camera or the design of the terminal.

Interestingly, only 4% of the respondents mentioned the best system updates as an argument, something that Android is far behind and has fragmented the entire platform. And only 3% mention the best customer service. Signal to Angela Ahrendts to improve the Genius Bar?

It is also worth looking at the arguments of users who take the opposite step , i.e. switching from iOS to Android. Those who embrace the Google ecosystem also mention the better user experience as one of the main arguments, but the price of mobiles is also a very strong reason. Yes, star terminals like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cost more than 1,000 euros, but we must bear in mind that in the Android market we must include all those very low-cost terminals and basic features that hundreds of millions of people are looking for.

What’s the good news here? That while 11% of respondents have switched from iOS to Android, 18% have left Android to join iOS. In other words, there are more people coming to iOS than leaving it , at least in the United States. Therefore, Apple should be happy that more and more people are staying on their platform despite this flow between the two ecosystems that is neither stopping now nor will stop in the future.

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