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these are the possible candidates and our bets

We have already seen everything that is known so far about macOS 10.16 , but one very special fact remains. Something that is of no technical importance but that we will end up repeating over and over again every day: his name . After exhausting all the free cat names, we have to look for a new emblematic place in California.

Whatever they decided in the marketing department, we won’t know until Monday. But as always, there are clues and memories from other years that can help us. Let’s go over the possibilities.

these are the possible candidates and our bets
these are the possible candidates and our bets

Apple has always brought some humour to revealing the names of macOS:

The Italian media MacityNet reviews the names that Apple has or has had registered under its ownership, which would be the most likely to be used:

  • Sequoia macaques
  • macOS Sonoma
  • macOS Ventura

The same medium puts its bets on the table, already going to artificial rather than natural landmarks:

  • Golden Gate MacOS
  • Cupertino macaques
  • Hollywood macaques
  • macOS Nap
  • male Tahoe
  • Redwood macaques
  • macOS Long beach
  • Big Sur macaques

Another name that would make some sense is Avalon macaques . In the same way that we go from Yosemite to El Capitan, from Lion to Mountain Lion, from Leopard to Snow Leopard and from Sierra to High Sierra (that is, from one place to another that is inside that place), we can go from Catalina Island to something that is part of it. And what is the name of the only city that is on the island? Avalon. The idea has been exposed in Macworld, although no rumor or copyright record supports it. But I insist: it makes sense.

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What about our bets? Well, personally I am more inclined towards natural places, following the trail of what Apple has done so far from Mavericks:

Fortunately, at Apple they have California places to choose from for many years to come. As long as there are no more clues, we’ll have to wait and keep betting until Monday.

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