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these are the plans for Apple’s over-the-ear headphones

Bloomberg is late again with news that was first revealed by Ming-Chi Kuo. At the end of February we learned that Apple plans to bring out its own over-the-ear or circumaural headphones. Now, the financial publication appears with its own information from Mark Gurman.

Apple Brand Circumaural Wireless Headphones

Citing the success of the AirPods, Gurman says that this time Apple has its sights set on high-end wireless headphones. The idea would be to use their superior wireless technology, a star feature of the AirPods, to launch a product similar to those that Bose or Beats have on the market.

these are the plans for Apple’s over-the-ear headphones
these are the plans for Apple’s over-the-ear headphones

Bloomberg states that work on these headphones has been irregular. The HomePod also had a similar development, with multiple initial designs. The certainty that these headphones will see the light of day by the end of this year is not absolute and could be cancelled or delayed.

Gurman’s rumor is identical to the one we saw a few days ago from Ming-Chi Kuo

In addition to the AirPod synchronisation functionality , these new headphones would be noise cancelling. A highly appreciated feature in this type of headset that completely covers the ear.

Bose and Beats have circumaural headset models with sound lock and no cables. Both sell for $349, with the Beats having their own W1 chip that improves sound transmission and effortless synchronization. With the arrival of an Apple-branded headset, the company could leverage its image to push its wireless crusade.

As for the price, the cap would be marked by both competitors with their $349 . Although it is possible that, seeing how affordable the AirPods are compared to their competitors, the new product is 50 or 70 dollars below.

Apple’s Audio Empire

Over the years, the Cupertino-based company has made an increasing commitment to sound . In addition to upgrading their Macs with better and more powerful speakers, they’re adding the iPad Pro’s smart stereo speakers and the iPhone 7’s dual speakers.

Not content with that, Apple has created its own range of smart sound accessories. Starting with the AirPods at the end of 2016 and the recently launched HomePod. Not forgetting Apple Music , born from the acquisition of Beats and the entire range of headphones of the same name and technology shared with the AirPods.

The arrival of these Apple-branded headphones would close a gap in Apple’s audio empire, dominating both lightweight individual music reproduction and more “serious” music reproduction, as well as in the home. On top of all this, we have the Apple Watch that has just acquired the ability to play streaming music thanks to its LTE model (not available at the moment in Spain and Latin America).

It is striking that no other competitor has an audio ecosystem as complete and balanced as that of the bitten apple. Samsung lacks streaming service; Amazon doesn’t have its own smart clock or smartphone; Google limps in wearables; Spotify falters without its own hardware.

La guerra de trincheras tecnológicas ha acabado y Apple tiene la ventaja en el siguiente conflicto.

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