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These are the most revalued iPhones of the moment

Every time new iPhone models are released, the play by many users is clear. They sell their models from the previous year, usually at a very good price for them, and with that they can afford part of the payment for the next one .

The advantage is also good for those who buy, because they have access to a good device at a significantly lower price. And by the way, activates the second hand market and therefore, the applications and portals dedicated to it.

These are the most revalued iPhones of the moment
These are the most revalued iPhones of the moment

The presentation of the new Apple phone models, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X on September 12th, led to a 25 percent increase in iPhone searches, according to the shopping portal Vibbo. The most popular devices are the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus .

Similarly, ads to sell the phones have also grown, in this case by 22 percent. It is a market in which selling our device costs very little, we already know that Apple products lose value in a more slow way than other brands.

Of course, the next point will be seen from November 3rd with the release of the iPhone X, which may trigger alerts and start the sale of 7 series models . We remind you that it is a model, along with the 6S series, that is still being sold on the Apple website and in its physical stores.

Although to tell the truth, the most sought-after iPhone of all is the original iPhone, released on June 19, 2007. We can visit foreign buying and selling portals where are offered at astronomical prices . We are talking about thousands of euros for a sealed one, which is extremely difficult to get.

Now we would like to know if you plan to sell your old iPhone to buy a new one, or if you use the retail portals to get good prices . We look forward to seeing you in the next article.