These are the most expensive AirPods in the world, made of 18 carat gold

There are those who even in the simplest accessories can see potential to make them into a jewel. This is what has happened recently with AirPods, Apple’s popular bluetooth headphones that have undergone a transformation from classic white plastic to an 18-carat gold package. All this has been the work of a well-known Spanish youtuber, Pablo Cimadevila . Here we show you and tell you all the details.

Pablo Cimadevila, born and raised in Galicia, was an elite Paralympic athlete who even went on to win medals at the Paralympic Games in Sydney, Athens and Beijing. Now he has redirected his life to jewelry and his YouTube channel, where almost two and a half million subscribers can regularly enjoy videos showing sophisticated jewelry processes such as gold casting.

These are the most expensive AirPods in the world, made of 18 carat gold
These are the most expensive AirPods in the world, made of 18 carat gold

In this last video published on his channel, Cimadevila shows us how he has been able to create a gold package for the AirPods . The curious thing about this video, which is 11 minutes long, is that we can witness the meticulous process carried out to make what seems crazy a reality.

The ‘ AirGolds ‘, as the author calls them in reference to the word gold in English, required several stages of manufacture. The first thing that was done was to dismantle the current encapsulation in order to create an exact mould of these. Once the 18-carat gold had been cast, every detail began to be moulded in a truly meticulous manner until a truly astonishing result was achieved.

Anyone would think that the end result of these golden AirPods has been manufactured by any major company and even by Apple itself. While tastes are obviously relative, they are at least as striking. However, we don’t know if the headphones are fully functional or have lost some of their sound quality.

This process carried out by the former Spanish athlete is really amazing although it is more within the curiosities of this device than for commercial purposes, since the author does not seem willing to market these AirPods despite the great economic value they could have in the market.

On the opposite side we can also find some AirPods at a ridiculous price, but this time they may be totally fake. That’s why before getting a new wireless headset, you should check if the AirPods are original or not.

What about you? What do you think of this video? Would you buy a gold AirPod like this if you could afford it? Leave your impressions in the comment box.

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