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These are the most common failures faced by Apple device technicians

Throughout the life of our iPhone, Mac or iPad we are likely to encounter certain bugs that require a visit to an Apple Store or, failing that, to an official technical service such as RoselliMac or GoldenMac to repair it or leave it for good.

We have moved to a Premium Reseller in Granada to find out about the most common problems they receive from different Apple devices: Mac, iPhone and iPad. Satisfactorily, the devices they receive, in their great majority, are easily repairable others, on the contrary, no longer have a solution, although it is true that the number of devices that arrive in this situation is very low.

These are the most common failures faced by Apple device technicians
These are the most common failures faced by Apple device technicians

Image of the first Apple Store in Taiwan

Starting with the Mac , it is very common to find laptops with certain problems resulting from the installation of some applications that, apparently, are useful for our device but the reality is quite the opposite. Applications that aim to clean up our Mac , remove junk files or uninstall other apps are the first cause of repair in this Premium Reseller. Mackeeper, Clean my Mac or other pirated applications have a lot to do with this problem since they include ” adware ” that infects our machine.

Most common Mac failures

As for the iPad , the most common thing they encounter is problems with the misuse of the device, i.e. most iPads they receive are with broken screen glass from a fall or, on certain occasions, failures in the Multi-Touch , usually also from a crash.

This information confirms that iOS on iPad is a safe and stable operating system since it is not common to need the help of technical support to solve some internal failure.

10.5-inch iPad inside. Source:

Finally, as for the iPhone we’ll make a distinction by model.

In general terms, iPhone with the broken glass is what they get most, again because of misuse or neglect that has caused the device to impact the floor or any other surface.

The iPhone 6 models that receive the most are for battery themes. They are usually because the battery has run out, is worn out by use, and requires replacement with a new one.

The latest models of iPhone, 7 and 7 Plus come to your service with two main problems. One of them refers to camera failures and the other more common and maybe the worst is receiving the iPhone “dead”, i.e. neither turns on nor charges .

Most common failures on our iPhone

Recently, with the release of the iOS 11 betas for developers, there have been cases where the iPhone with them installed has had no solution and the owner has been left without a phone (regardless of the insurance or warranty conditions they set at the time of purchase).

That’s why we advise you to be careful with the installation of any beta version for our devices, be it Mac, iPhone or iPad. Malfunctions in the camera, battery or internal, in certain occasions, are alien to our use but installing a beta is something we can avoid if we are not sure of it or if we do not have the necessary knowledge. From Apple 5×1 we invite you to read one of the experiences with the installation of iOS 11 developer betas.

If you want to know more details about any of these bugs do not hesitate to leave it in the comments and we will give you a more specific answer.

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