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These are the latest demonstrations shown by ARKit

Developers are constantly using the new tool that Apple introduced at the last WWDC along with iOS 11, very focused on reality increases , ARKit . This package is making all the imaginative people bring out some applications to the market that are leaving us all with our mouths open. This time we bring you the latest demos that we have seen in the different social networks.

MangoPong, a demo of a game that is well known in American universities and increasingly in Spanish bars. Game created by ManoMotion that consists of playing “Beer Pong”, which will consist of putting our hand in front of the camera and pretend to throw a ball, and on a flat surface we will have a series of beers that we will have to throw. And of course, a video is worth a thousand words and that’s why we leave you this video below.

These are the latest demonstrations shown by ARKit
These are the latest demonstrations shown by ARKit

This game will be limited to Unity-based applications, although we all hope that it will be compatible with other platforms.

ModiFace, a company that has managed to develop an application with ARKit that is discouraging those people who want to get a haircut but don’t know how it will look. This application will detect your face and your hair, and you will be able to select different colors. By selecting them, your hair will be coloured in the chosen colour. And as before, here’s a video that shows it all.

With this, you will have the possibility to know how a change of look will look like before doing it for real.

And finally we show you a demonstration of the most creative ones brought to us by the artist Zach Lieberman who has managed to move the audio recordings in space into virtual reality. So as we move forward or backward we will go through these audios we will play them.

We hope that with the hypothetical vertical camera of the iPhone 8, on September 12th we will see more demonstrations with this terminal of the ARKit , and we will soon see games and applications of this style in the App Store.

Leave us in the comment box what you thought of these demonstrations.

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