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These are the features of macOS High Sierra, iOS 11 and watchOS 4 that will be released in future updates

As has happened in other years, iOS 11 has not landed with all the features that Apple announced at the last WWDC. To give a couple of examples, Apple Pay was activated in October 2014, one month after the release of iOS 8, while the APFS file system was announced in June 2016 and we didn’t see it until the following March. So now it’s the turn of a series of improvements and features of macOS High Sierra, iOS 11 and watchOS 4 that will come in the coming months.

macOS High Sierra: APFS on Fusion Drive and iMessage on iCloud

We start with the venerable of operating systems . At his age , macOS also has features that won’t be there from the first minute. High Sierra will come with numerous new features, but will be left with these two:

  • APFS will reach computers with SSD storage from today. Let’s keep in mind that APFS is a file system designed to optimize performance in SSD memory, so that traditional hard disks do not take advantage of it as much. Perhaps that is why Apple has decided to delay the adoption of the system in Fusion Drive disks. We still do not have a concrete date beyond a vague “future upgrade”.
  • These are the features of macOS High Sierra, iOS 11 and watchOS 4 that will be released in future updates
    These are the features of macOS High Sierra, iOS 11 and watchOS 4 that will be released in future updates

    APFS should arrive in a future macOS update

  • iMessage makes the jump to iCloud, where we can store our conversations. This way, we will have a backup of them in the Apple cloud, improving the synchronization between devices and their recovery from a backup. We won’t see it either until a future update.

Although it is a feature that will be added today with the release of High Sierra, users of an Apple Watch Series 3 will not be able to unlock their Mac automatically until they upgrade. That is, within a few hours.

iOS 11: fast wireless charging, iMessage in iCloud and Apple Pay Cash

Now it’s the turn of the middle brother of Apple’s big operating systems. We know that iOS 11 has been very focused on the iPad and iPad Pro, which gain very important points for their productivity. It is possible that this is the excuse that Apple has left in the inkwell certain features that we will see in a few months:

  • The wireless fast charge, one of the star features of the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X will come in an upgrade. Currently, the system works but takes the same time as in the wall charger. According to Jim Dalrymple, its current power is 5W and with the upgrade we will see its speed increase to 7.5W. Date of release? Undetermined, but possibly with iOS 11.1. I would bet on October.
  • iMessage in iCloud will also be delayed, as well as the version for macOS High Sierra. Surely we will have to wait for an update that will be simultaneous with the Mac.
  • Apple Pay Cash is Apple’s person-to-person payment service, designed to streamline mobile payments between platform users. It will arrive with a future update also undetermined to users in the USA. Taking into account its “recent” arrival in Spain and its imminent expansion in December, there are no known launch dates in other countries (beyond a registry of names in Europe).

Arreglar la parte trasera del iPhone 8 sale más caro que la pantalla.

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watchOS 4: Apple Music streaming on the Apple Watch LTE and the solution to the cellular connectivity bug

And we arrived at the youngest member of the Apple family. The Apple Watch Series 3 with 4G connectivity is a hardware upgrade that many of us have been waiting for. As with the other platforms, there are also things we’ll have to wait for:

  • The Apple Music streaming will arrive in an update that will be ready in October soon. It is a pity that this functionality is not ready from the first day, since it is one of its strong points. Listen to the 40 million songs of Apple Music is the main sales argument of Apple.
  • The Apple Watch LTE will not arrive in Spain and Latin America until next year. There is no harm that comes from good

  • Last week, two media (WSJ and The Verge) that tested the Apple Watch LTE had problems with connectivity and battery life, which was plummeting. The problem was that the Apple Watch LTE was constantly trying to access nearby, captive (Starbucks style) WiFi networks without being able to get past the “wall” of these types of connections. Apple identified the problem and is working on an update to fix the issue.

Both points are centered on the Apple Watch Series 3 with 4G or LTE connection, being the normal model “free”. The connection bug is especially negative for the Apple Watch, since it is a bug that affects its most important feature. By the time this model arrives in Spain and Latin America, both points should be updated.

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