These are the best resources to learn how to develop in iOS according to Ironhack

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Any mobile app developer knows this well: it is necessary to constantly keep up to date. New tools, APIs, libraries, etc. are constantly appearing. Here is a compilation of the best resources to learn how to develop on iOS and, above all, keep yourself up to date with Ironhack .

These are the best resources to learn how to develop in iOS according to Ironhack
These are the best resources to learn how to develop in iOS according to Ironhack


Ironhack has experience in teaching intensive courses on iOS development . Thanks to this and with the recommendations of his teachers and students we have created this list of resources for iOS programmers . A good one if we are considering to extend our training with some of the bootcamps that will be given soon in Madrid and Barcelona.

1. Start Developing iOS Apps Today

We start with Apple’s must-have guide, Start Developing iOS Apps Today, as our starting point. If you don’t have much experience developing apps, here you’ll find in four small modules everything you need to create your first iOS app for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. All this together with a good portion of tips to apply from the beginning.

2. iOS Dev Center

A must where we will get everything we need to start developing in iOS. In iOS Dev Center we will be able to download all kinds of resources such as the essential XCode, additional tools, tutorials, videos, guides to what’s new in each version of iOS, sample code, audios and videos of the WWDC technical talks.

3. Course on iTunes Developing iOS 7 Apps for iPhone and iPad

Possibly one of the best courses in the iTunes U on app development in iOS directed from Stanford University. Developing iOS 7 Apps for iPhone and iPad covers a wide range of fundamental concepts, including interface development, the Objective-C programming language, etc… As a complement, also available on iTunes U, there are two previously recommended courses Programming Methodology and Programming Abstractions.

4. Podcast Building Mobile Applications from Harvard University

This course, Building Mobile Applications, in podcast format immerses us in developing mobile applications on multiple devices (including Android), as well as uploading applications to the App Store. It includes numerous key development concepts in XCode and the iOS SDK.

5. Stack Overflow

Who hasn’t come to this question-answer forum for programmers with a question? Stack Overflow is the best place to find answers to the most common problems , and others not so common, that we iOS programmers have daily. The best companion when we are learning to develop apps in iOS, almost all the doubts are solved here and if you don’t ask .

6. Pttrns

The best place to dive for inspiration . Pttrns is a huge catalog of over 3,000 user interface designs from all kinds of apps. Here we can find categorized in sections different common situations and discover how they are solved by many known applications. A way to detect trends that end up becoming de facto standards in the UI of apps.

7. Ray Wenderlinch

This website and community of developers, Ray Wenderlinch, is constantly updated with all the trends, news and tutorials on a wide range of topics in iOS . He has a powerful weekly newsletter to which you can subscribe to receive all updates on a regular basis.

8. WWDC 2014 Videos

The WWDC is the largest developers’ conference organized by Apple. Every year it takes place between June and July in San Francisco, the luck is that within a few weeks of the end, absolutely all the videos of the different sessions and tracks are published. More than 80 videos from this last edition of 2014 , among the most recommended are all those related to iOS8, the newcomer HealthKit and HomeKit. We also have asciiwwdc that provides the transcript of all the sections.

9. Design Mobile Apps

This ebook , Design Mobile Apps, provides us with all the design concepts that developers need when creating interfaces for mobile applications. The first step is to realize how different it is to design for web and mobile applications. Learn how to translate our ideas about usable design into different sizes and mobile devices.

10. iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, the fourth edition of one of the best-selling books on development in iOS has been updated to cover iOS 7 and Xcode 5.

11. is a digital magazine that periodically offers the best practices and advanced techniques in iOS and OS X development. Each issue is focused on a specific topic, delving into the most advanced techniques and concepts.

12. NSHipster

Matt Thompson is the manager of NSHipster, one of the most relevant blogs of the iOS developer community. The creator of AFNetworking, the popular library for managing network communications in iOS, regularly talks about advanced concepts of Objective-C, Swift and Cocoa .


13. CocoaPods

CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Objective-C projects . It facilitates the integration of any of its thousands of available libraries into our projects. Many developers are unable to live without it, once they discover its power and ease of use.

14. GitHub

Github is the ideal place to remotely maintain our code repository and share it with friends, co-workers, classmates, and anyone we want to show our code to. More than seven million people use it. Besides being a repository for our projects, it serves as a fundamental tool to explore interesting projects and Open Source libraries to collaborate on.

15. Resources on Swift in Apple Developer

In the section for Apple developers we find a huge set of resources about Swift with presentations, videos, code examples, reference guides about the language. Interesting study material on this new language predestined to succeed Objetive-C .


16. iOS Dev Weekly

Finally, this newsletter to follow all iOS news without missing any through iOS Dev Weekly . With important material such as videos, case studies and the latest news from the industry.

Perfecting your iOS programming skills with the Ironhack bootcamp and its teachers

To make this compilation of programming resources for iOS we had the help of the excellent teachers of Ironhack of iOS application development:

Diego Freniche (@dfreniche). All-terrain developer and trainer of reference in Spain for both iOS and Android.

Daniel García (@fillito), founder of Produkt. Previously he worked at Minube being responsible for the development of the iOS app.

Jorge Ortiz (@jdortiz), creator of PoWWau

Victor Baro (@victorbaro), developer in Produkt

How Ironhack can help you

Ironhack is the first educational institution to offer Bootcamps (very intensive, employability-focused courses) in iOS and web training in Europe and has technology campuses in Madrid, Barcelona and Miami.

In the Ironhack blog you can find a lot of information about it: both the follow-up of the previous courses given and the future ones, why choose a bootcamp to relaunch your startup, how Ironhack can help you get the best job after the course or how to finance a bootcamp of this kind.

The keys to the training provided by Ironhack are based on learning to solve problems like a programmer, not just following the guidelines of a standard course, working on real projects and focusing on acquiring good development practices from the beginning.

You can read more about Madrid iOS Bootcamp and Barcelona iOS Bootcamp.

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