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These are the best MacBook cases for less than £20

Buying an electronic device is always an investment. In the case of MacBooks, it’s also an investment of quite a bit of money, and no one would want to spend more than $1,000 on a device to have it broken or damaged in any way that would spoil its design. That’s why we recommend that you always carry it with a good case to protect it from such possible damage, but we also offer a series of cases that, in addition to protecting, will completely redesign your MacBook, making it a truly unique and personal device.

KECC housings

As we see in the pictures, this seller offers a series of unique housings in terms of design. From some that simulate to be of marble or wood to the most colorful . And always highlighting the apple logo that makes a MacBook so special. The protection they provide is far from certain, as the material will come into perfect contact with your computer and protect it from those possible scratches and bumps that can occur in everyday life. Obviously they won’t protect your Mac if it falls from a considerable height, but even if that happens we are sure that this case will make the fall less spectacular and, if the damage is not avoided, it will certainly reduce it.

These are the best MacBook cases for less than £20These are the best MacBook cases for less than £20

The price of these housings is 19.99 . You can buy any of these models and others by clicking here .

MOSISO (I) housings

This brand is a specialist in protective accessories for Mac. In the case of its housings, it also stands out for its varied designs. Like the previous seller, it has covers with a design that is becoming so fashionable, which imitates the marble . However, he has other interesting floral designs , from , world map and even a dream catcher. Its material is very resistant and balances out very well that relationship between design and protection that all cases and covers should have.

The price of these housings is around , depending on their design, and you can see the rest of the models and buy them by clicking here .

MOSISO (II) housings

If you are looking for a more minimalist design with a colourful but translucent casing , these sleeves will convince you. The quality of these cases is beyond all doubt. The wide range of colours it has is superb, but it also includes fully transparent cases so that your Mac is protected but still retains the same original design it would have if it didn’t have a case.

The price depends on the design you choose, although the average is 15.99 and you can buy them by clicking here .

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If you’ve had a chance to try one of these housings or have reviews of any others that stand out, please tell us in the comment box.