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These are the best iOS apps on offer in summer

Con estas aplicaciones organizo mi tiempo en el iPhone

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These are the best iOS apps on offer in summer
These are the best iOS apps on offer in summer


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With the summer, the heat and the holidays, it’s inevitable that you more or less disconnect from your iPhone or iPad screen, but don’t go too far because some developers are taking advantage of this summer break to spice up sales with succulent discounts on many of their star titles.

Some offers are very limited in time so if you see a title that fits you don’t hesitate to be quick and take advantage of it because it will soon recover its normal price. We leave you a selection of the best we could find.

  • Puffin Pro: The well-known ultra-fast browser has a legion of followers who are delighted with its multiple functions, among which, as we mentioned, the great speed of navigation, the Flash support or a powerful data compression algorithm that will avoid scares at the end of the month. The browser is available right now and for a limited time, at a knockdown price: 0.99 euros as opposed to the 3.99 euros it usually costs.
  • Loud: This is an alternative player for Apple Music and your iTunes music collection, and it has a very simple interface that gives prominence to the album cover that is being played. The application was released at the beginning of the year and is temporarily free (its usual price is 2.99 euros), we suppose to give a boost to the download list.
  • Active Voice: Another application that is free for a limited time and we assure you that you will not regret trying it. It’s an app that uses Nuance speech recognition technology to not only translate live dictation, but also allows you to dictate text in one language and have the app read it in another. Ideal for ordering meals abroad this holiday. The usual price is 9.99 euros.
  • Fantastical for iPhone: What are we going to tell you about this jewel of productivity that in the opinion of many, is considered one of the best alternatives to the calendar on the iPhone and that is among our favorites. If you don’t have it yet, it’s at 40% discount for a limited time, that is, for 2.99 euros when its usual price is 4.99 euros.
  • Hypelight: If you like photography, maybe it’s a good time to consider this alternative app to the iPhone’s native camera, which allows you not only to take pictures, but also to edit them massively and save them in the cloud. Its usual price is 2.99 euros but now you can get it for 0.99 euros.

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