These are the best cases to protect your iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is one of the most popular smartphones on the market and we have a wide range of cases to protect it. These are very delicate devices in the event of a fall or blow and we have to protect them properly, fortunately there are cases for all kinds of tastes and users .

Cases are something everyone buys, even before they open the iPhone 11 case. We’ve compiled a selection of cases in different colors, materials, and types so you can protect your iPhone properly without sacrificing what you love about it.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

These are the best cases to protect your iPhone 11
These are the best cases to protect your iPhone 11

The first cover we bring you is also the most recommended . It is a transparent case, which does not alter the original design of the iPhone 11, is from a proven brand such as Spigen and is very affordable. In short, it is a case that has it all. It is made of TPU material and is perfectly compatible with wireless charging.

ORNARTO silicone case

If you like to personalize your iPhone 11 with different colors using cases, this is your choice. This is a silicone case that will protect and personalise your iPhone 11 . It’s available in over 10 different colours, so you’re sure to find one you like best. This material fits your iPhone and buttons perfectly and allows you to easily clean any stains.

memumi ultra slim

This case is perfect for those who don’t want a case, but want to protect their iPhone 11. It’s a very thin case that’s barely noticeable once it’s on. You also have several colors to choose from depending on your tastes. A virtually invisible case that doesn’t alter the design or weight of your iPhone 11.

CASEZA book type cover

If you want total protection, book-style covers are the best option. This one we bring you is excellent value for money and offers 360 degree protection for your iPhone . In addition, the inside can be used as a small wallet in which to store cards or bills.

Apple Clear Case

Apple launched a clear case to not hide the design of their iPhone, and is probably the best clear iPhone case on the market . It is a transparent case that does not get damaged with time and will always be translucent, it does not get yellowed with the passing of the months. The material from which it is made is a mixture of transparent polycarbonate and flexible thermoplastic polyurethane. It is robust and pleasant to the touch.

Apple Silicone Case

This is the classic Apple Silicone Case, perfectly fitting the volume buttons, side button and curves of the phone. It stands out for its incredible quality and is available in numerous colours . The silicone outside feels very pleasant and inside we have a microfibre material that will not damage our iPhone. Of course, as with all these cases, it is compatible with the wireless charging of the iPhone 11.

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