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These are the best apps for students on their way back to school

Summer is coming to an end, and with it the holidays of millions of students. The return to school, college or university can be hard, but from Apple 5×1 we want to help you by bringing a collection of apps so that, if you are a student, you can take advantage of their features and, by the way, that return to the routine becomes less hard.

Student Agenda

As its name indicates, this app is a student agenda. But it is not just another one, since it has also been designed by students and it is developed in such a way that you can keep up to date with your schedules, tasks to be done, as well as write down the scores of your assignments and exams. You can download it here.

Class schedule

These are the best apps for students on their way back to school
These are the best apps for students on their way back to school

You may like the classics and prefer to keep your old paper diary, but it sure doesn’t hurt to know your class schedule from your mobile phone. Well, this application is what it offers you; in a very intuitive way you will be able to register and visualize your schedules through a comfortable, and well designed, interface. You can download it here.

Khan Academy

This is one of the jewels as far as student applications are concerned. With more than 10,000 videos and tutorials you can learn about any subject (science, math, history, etc). In addition, you can put your knowledge into practice with more than 40,000 questions related to the aforementioned subjects. And best of all, you can access all this for free. You can download it here.


Information, calculations, measurements, graphics, functions… All this and more is what this great application can offer. And always in an accurate and reliable way. You can download it here.


If you use an iPad as a work tool for your studies, this application is undoubtedly one of the must-have. With it you can take notes, as well as make sketches or drawings. It’s free and offers great features, but if you have an iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil, you’ll enjoy it even more. You can download it here.


If you study languages this application is basic in your device. Besides being an excellent dictionary, you can also find a great translator that will help you when you are in a hurry. It is listed as one of the best applications in this field. You can download it here.


You probably know about this application and wonder what it does in this compilation. If you don’t know it, I’ll tell you that it’s an application where you can upload all kinds of files and have them stored in the cloud. I wanted to include it because of the importance that an app like this can have due to its synchronization with multiple devices. Imagine taking a photo of your notes with your mobile phone and being able to clean them up by viewing the photos with your iPad or computer. You can download it here.

No doubt there are many applications that can be useful for students. We wanted to highlight these, but we are open to reading you and so we ask you to leave in the comments which applications you use to make your student tasks easier.

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