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these are the best alternatives to Mail in iOS

The arrival of AirMail to iOS has turned the mail application segment in this ecosystem upside down, and it has done so with good arguments: a high capacity of configuration of the functions and a flawless interface are possibly enough arguments to leave the native mail app behind, but we take advantage of this release to take a look at the best mail applications in iOS .

We can tell you that the battle is very close as the developers are proposing more and more advanced functions of interest to the user, and of course, bearing in mind that in the end it will be up to each one of us to find the solution that best suits our needs . Let’s go with them.


these are the best alternatives to Mail in iOS
these are the best alternatives to Mail in iOS

It was the last one to arrive, and this has made it possibly the most complete that one can find right now in the App Store. The first thing to note about this application is its carefully designed interface , with a design that puts it above its rivals. Coming late has its advantages, and in this case, the application has been designed entirely on iOS 9, and you can tell: its operation in this version is impeccable.

Among its main strengths, we highlight an excellent integration with Apple Watch , the infinite possibilities of customization that make this application perfect for intensive email users (from an email one can create an appointment, a task, generate in one touch a PDF or share the information with the multiple supported apps). AirMail also has a reminder function for important emails, and you can download it now for 4.99 euros.


It’s impossible not to be fascinated by Outlook for iOS (here we analyze it in depth). Until the arrival of AirMail we would have said without a doubt that this is the best mail application for iOS, but the truth is that now things have become very interesting. From this powerful Microsoft application we highlight its fabulous filter to recognize priority mail , a real plus for power users that saves a lot of time.

The second big advantage of using this application comes with a high integration of the application with the different services (Dropbox, OneDrive or of course, Office) that avoids having to leave the application to make quick queries. Perhaps, the part that we liked the least is the tendency to hang up this App, although successive updates have been improving its stability notably. It also offers an App for Apple Watch and is completely free.


However, if we have to give credit to an application that made it fashionable to slide your finger over the mail to execute actions, we must turn our head to Mailbox. This groundbreaking app quickly garnered all the praise of the analysts when it appeared on the App Store, and with good reason. From it we will highlight the simplicity of its interface that unlike the previous ones, is the least loaded, allowing a very fast visual reading of the situation of our inbox.

This App was so attractive at the time that Dropbox didn’t hesitate to pull out its checkbook and incorporate it into its integrated catalogue with its ‘cloud’, and in addition to the interface, it has another great advantage: its ability to ‘clean’ the inbox , and in fact, it has been chosen as the fastest to reach inbox zero in a test carried out by Readwrite. The bad news is that Dropbox announced it was withdrawing support for the app in an effort to focus on its core business. It can be downloaded completely free of charge.


But when it came to developing an excellent application, Google engineers rolled up their sleeves and showed what they were capable of with Inbox, without a doubt, one of the great jewels of the iOS ecosystem, and if you don’t believe us, take a look at the user ratings in the app store. However, it has one definite drawback and that is that it can only be used with a Gmail account.

Otherwise, this approach to mail management is completely groundbreaking: Google uses all the potential of its algorithms to sort our inbox by content, context and our usage habits. Like the rest, except for AirMail, it is completely free.

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