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These are the best alternatives to Ipad Safari

The iPad’s native browser is Safari . It is still one of the fastest and most stable. In addition, iOS 7 brings improvements such as a revamped interface with a smart search bar , full screen, improved access to private browsing, and a link to iCloud for fast synchronization, among others.

If you don’t like it, we have a lot of browsers inside the App Store, being these some of the most outstanding ones:

Google Chrome

These are the best alternatives to Ipad SafariThese are the best alternatives to Ipad Safari

One of the best alternatives to Safari. It is not as fast, but it has other very interesting features such as save mobile data , which ensures savings of up to 50%, perform voice searches, translate into different languages the websites you are reading and as in Apple, also has private browsing . Its synchronization with the cloud is done through our Google account.


Yes, we’re talking about the browser that incorporates Flash Player which, although there are fewer and fewer websites working with this Adobe plug-in, is still very common. It also has Virtual Trackpad , which is a mouse simulator and Virtual Gamepad , to play games in Flash format . To make navigation more fluid, it has a very powerful JavaScript engine .


It may be the least updated, but a feature that I think is very good, is that of being able to save a website in PDF format so that it can be viewed at a later date, as well as being able to tweet, post on Facebook and upload to Evernote.

Coast by Opera

The browser that has been created exclusively for the iPad . The navigation is safe and the interface is quite clean with extra buttons, with a main screen showing your favorites in a grid mode , which you can modify as you wish. Perhaps the most minimalist and easy to use, getting an elegant web content.


It’s a very well-done application. It’s still slower in responsiveness as well as performance, but it incorporates all the features of Safari and is enhanced by many other Chrome features, such as the equivalent of a right-click mouse . If you click and hold on any item, including links, images, and videos, you get an additional menu with options to save files, share with friends, or save to your reading list .

These are just some of the many possibilities you have for browsing from your iPad. Try them out and decide which one is closest to your needs.