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These are the Apple products discontinued in 2016

From time to time Apple stops manufacturing some of its products that have been on the market for longer or that have not finished setting among users . On the other hand, they also discontinue support for some services, and in this 2016 several Apple products will cease to be manufactured.

You always have to look ahead to make progress and Apple knows this very well , so it doesn’t have a weak pulse when it comes to stopping a product. The American company has its reasons for doing this: technology that becomes outdated, allocation of resources…

These are the Apple products discontinued in 2016
These are the Apple products discontinued in 2016

As far as 2016 is concerned, you could say that it’s a year in which Apple will be remembered more for the products it has discontinued than for those it has launched . Do you want to know what those products are that Apple has discontinued this year?

11-inch MacBook Air

Last October, Apple announced that MacBook Air was being upgraded to a single version with a 13-inch screen . The 11-inch model is out and no longer available for purchase.

Thunderbolt and LED Cinema Display

In July 2016, Apple decided to discontinue production of the Thunderbolt Display , the high-resolution external display for MacBook and iMac users. It’s a perfect choice for use as a second computer screen or for viewing a larger notebook screen.

Airport Time Capsule, AirPort Extreme and AirPort Express

In November Apple dissolved the wireless router division. For now, can still be purchased in their online store, but they are devices that have not been updated in a long time , so you might want to look for a third party alternative.


The MagSafe is not a product as such, but a type of connector used in Apple laptops . The company stopped using this connector on the MacBook charger to make way for the Thunderbolt USB-C, something that users have not really liked, among other things because if the MagSafe was pulled, it would be unplugged from the laptop without falling to the floor.

Apple TV 3rd generation

Four years after its launch, Apple has retired the third generation of Apple TV. The current model is better and much more complete, so it was quite absurd to keep it on the market , although its price was much cheaper.

Original iPad Air

The first generation of the iPad Air has also said goodbye this 2016. When Apple upgrades an iOS device, it often keeps older models at a lower price to give buyers a more affordable option. The original iPad Air was launched in October 2013, but when they launched the iPad Pro last March they decided to discontinue production , with the iPad Air 2 being the only model in the range left on the market.

Apple Car


A report published last October indicated that Apple had decided to put the car project aside and turn around to turn Project Titan into a stand-alone driving software. The development team has until the end of next year to prove that its self-driving system is feasible . Will they succeed?

iOS 9 Downgrades

iOS 9 is still on many devices around the world, but when Apple releases a new version of the system it soon stops signing the previous version . For this reason, those with iOS 10 installed will no longer be able to downgrade to iOS 9.3.5, at least not officially.

Game Center application in iOS

If you like to play with your iOS device you may have already noticed this, but if not, this change may have gone more unnoticed. Game Center was an attempt by Apple to create a gaming community on its iOS devices, but as of today, the application has disappeared . However, the Game Center service is still active and you can access it through the games themselves that have integration with it or from Settings – Game Center .


We haven’t gone crazy. Apple’s computer operating system is still with us, but the name “OS X” has passed away. Now the operating system is called “macOS” , better adapted to the other Apple operating systems (iOS, watchOS and tvOS).

Apple Store

As with OS X, the Apple Store has also undergone a name change. Apple’s physical stores are known worldwide as the Apple Store, but now the company is giving its stores different names . For example, the store in Kansas City, Missouri, is called the Apple Country Club Plaza, while the store at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, is called the Apple Infinite Loop.

Desktop computers

Mac Mini, iMac, and Mac Pro aren’t around much, but many users wouldn’t miss them. The iMac was upgraded more than a year ago, the Mac Mini more than two years ago, and the Mac Pro hasn’t received an upgrade in 3 1/2 years . In addition, there are no signs that Apple intends to launch a new generation of its various desktop computers.

Return RAID in Disk Utility

Among all the discontinued products, product rebranding, and concept changes made by Apple in 2016 is the return of RAID support in Disk Utility, Apple’s storage management app . This feature disappeared in OS X El Capitan, to the displeasure of many users who need to configure their storage devices, but Apple has recovered it in MacOS Sierra this year.


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