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These are the 11 best native apps for watchOS 2

Citymapper para iPhone
The Weather Channel para iPhone iTranslate para iPhone Swarm para iPhone

Now with the new operating system, the logical part of the apps resides in the clock itself and not in the iPhone, making its execution much faster and more useful than before. But to do this, developers will have to adapt their apps to take advantage of these and many other possibilities.

These are the 11 best native apps for watchOS 2
These are the 11 best native apps for watchOS 2

At Apple we have selected the 11 best apps that have made the jump and are already native. Some even integrate a “complication” in the clock face, which can be very useful .


We talked about Citymapper last year and said it was one of the most interesting transport apps around. Over time it has improved, added support for more cities and of course brings us a native app for the Apple Watch. It has a “complication” from which it will show us the estimated time of arrival according to the route we have established.

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The Weather Channel

An iOS classic, The Weather Channel has also introduced its own native app for the Apple Watch. Much faster than the previous version, it shows you the weather forecast on your wrist based on your location. Sometimes it insists on showing me the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit instead of Celsius, but in general it works quite well. You can put the probability of rain on your watch face through another “complication”, which is very useful.

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One of the apps that Apple showed during the presentation at the beginning of the month and that I most wanted to try. It certainly has a much more worked interface and has increased its translation speed. It features a “complication” on the Modular clock face that presents you with language phrases according to your location and the time of day . For example, “good morning”, “enjoy your meal”, etc. We can also use Time Travel to see which phrases fit best at each moment of the day. Curious.

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To quickly check in to the popular Foursquare app, Swarm now has its own native version for the Apple watch. You can also check where your friends are through their last check in but there’s a “complication” on the clock face that takes advantage of the possibilities of this app. If you use this social network you can’t pass up their app for the Apple clock.

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Starwalk 2

Starwalk 2 para iPhone Nuggetz para iPhone
tacet para iPhone
AudioMemos para iPhone App in the air para iPhone
Runtastic PRO para iPhone
minube para iPhone
An interesting game prepared for watchOS 2 in which we have to select the color that has a word , not the color that says the word. In other words, if the word says “blue” but has the color red, we have to select “red”. If we make a mistake, game over . Simple but addictive.

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This is the kind of apps that you don’t expect when you see the Apple Watch presentation back in September 2014, but it represents the kind of app that can only be created on this platform. tacet is a metronome that takes advantage of the clock’s tactical engine to give us touches on the wrist according to the rhythm we have chosen. In this way, we will know the rhythm to follow without bothering anyone. In addition, with his access to the microphone of the clock he is able to find out the rhythm of the song that is playing at that moment.

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One of the unforgivable omissions of the Apple Watch is that there is no built-in note-recording app. Luckily, and thanks to the new operating system of this watch (how strange this sounds), we can now count on the help of AudioMemos . It’s not the best recording quality but it does provide interesting functionality on the wrist, though, the app is a bit confusing to use.

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App in the Air

I admit that I haven’t tried this app in real situations because I’m missing a flight, but your proposal is very interesting. If you add your flight data from the iPhone app you will receive notifications about its status in the Apple Watch, as well as tips to get to the counter in time for check-in like security checks. We’ll see how it behaves.

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Runtastic PRO

The biggest news of Runtastic PRO for the new Apple Watch operating system is that it is now able to measure your heart rate . Not a single mention to the possibility that training with this app counts for the 30 minutes of daily exercise, which we hope will come in the future.

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The famous app that helps you collect and remember your vacation now has a native app for Apple Watch. In it, you can look at the “attractions” around you based on the mileage radius you’ve selected. You’ll also see comments from those who have already visited the area, as well as search for their location in Maps to guide you there. Essential for those who use this service.

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Fondos de pantalla para Apple Watch en watchOS 2.

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