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These Are Our Readers’ Favorite iOS Games

Usually, when we write an article about iPhone and iPad games, many of you readers recommend great iOS games for the iPad editorial team to download and try out. That’s why this time we’re pleased to announce a selection of your favourite games.

Based on the comments that you, our readers, leave every day on our social networks, on YouTube and on the iPadizate blog, we have compiled a list of the most popular games of the moment . We hope you like them!

These Are Our Readers’ Favorite iOS Games
These Are Our Readers’ Favorite iOS Games

Without further ado we begin the compilation, thanks to all of you for participating and recommending such fun and exciting iOS games , remember that in the comments section below you can mention your favorites. Let’s get started. For you players!

These are your favorite games!

One of the iOS games that you have liked the most lately in our YouTube reviews is, without a doubt, It is a viral multiplayer Internet game that has reached the iPhone and iPad, our goal is to eat as many points as we can and become giants. What was your best score?


Hearthstone is a card game for iOS that, after a long time, is still successful on the App Store. We recommend visiting our review of Hearthstone, one of today’s most popular card battle games.

Clash of Clans

There are many of you who are still hooked on the addictive and exciting Clash of Clans. A game in which we can create our own empire , train our soldiers and attack our opponents in an intense multiplayer mode. We invite you to discover tricks and tips for Clash of Clans.

Monument Valley

Although many of you have complained about Monument Valley because it is a rather short game, its developers have included new levels over time. We couldn’t leave out of the compilation one of the most creative titles on the App Store.


When Godus for iOS came to the App Store, we didn’t expect it to be so successful. But you only need to visit the comment section of this Godus cheat sheet to realize the popularity of this fantastic game – highly recommended!

Mortal Kombat X

We continue with Mortal Kombat X, maybe it’s because of its graphics, or maybe it’s because of its raw “fatalities”, whatever this game is you love. And it’s very entertaining! Don’t miss the video!

Geometry Dash

For one reason or another, our readers love to die hundreds of times. Why? Because Geometry Dash is one of your favorite iOS games. A title with very, very complicated levels, good music and super addictive.

Your favorite game isn’t on the list?

So much for today’s iOS game guide. Did you like these games? Which one would you add to this collection? We look forward to seeing you in the comments as always!

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