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These are Apple’s security measures to prevent leaks

The iPhone is one of the most wanted and desired devices. Apple tries to keep all their secrets as such until the day they wish to unveil them . The manufacturing site, in China, is specially protected to prevent anyone other than its employees from learning about the design and features of the new iPhone.

What measures does Apple take to prevent leaks?

New York University student Dejian Zeng has worked undercover at the Pegatron iPhone factory in Shanghai . During the 6 weeks he has been in the factory he has been able to observe what measures are taken to prevent the news about the iPhone 8 from going beyond its walls .

These are Apple’s security measures to prevent leaks
These are Apple’s security measures to prevent leaks

This factory continues to manufacture the iPhone 6s while a sector is exclusively dedicated to the assembly of the new iPhone 8 , and is totally separated from the rest of the factory behind a curtain that does not allow even the slightest detail to be seen. In fact, later on, all the workers behind the curtain moved to another factory to be able to work in better conditions until they can return definitively to the original place.

Pegatron Factory in Shanghai

How do you prevent device theft?

As for security to prevent the theft of the iPhone, workers have a locker, where they have to leave all their metal objects and their mobile phones, while they put on their work uniform. Workers have key cards, pass a facial recognition system and enter the factory by passing two metal detection bows.

Student Dejian observed that the high-level bosses were indeed allowed to enter the factory with their mobile phones , so they could be the source of leaks of the next iPhone.

Pegatron Campus in Shanghai

What measures does Apple take?

Apple subcontracts other companies to manufacture its different devices, as in this case Pegatron . The factory itself is full of security cameras , there have been cases in which the workers themselves have tried to take some devices and were seen thanks to the cameras .

Since the move from iPhone 6s to iPhone 7, security measures have become even more comprehensive . In addition, Apple, in order to protect its devices, emphasizes the security measures they must have and audits them to ensure that their requirements are met .

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