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These 5 iPhone games will put your nerves to the test

Empieza el año con estas apps y juegos para iPhone y iPad GRATIS

Trials Frontier

La serie Trials llega a nuestros dispositivos móviles, y más recargada que nunca. En Trials Frontier tendrás que conducir tu moto por toda serie de pistas, en las que podrás llevar a cabo muchísimos trucos. Además, este juego se basa totalmente en la física, por lo que tendrás que tener una mano muy buena para hacer todo correctamente.

These 5 iPhone games will put your nerves to the test
These 5 iPhone games will put your nerves to the test

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Turbo Dismount

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The best games of the week are here!

By Tomás Rivero – Jan 4, 2018ShareFacebookTwitter

Like every week, on iPadizate we bring you a collection of 5 games that you can have fun with this week. Today’s five games promise to quench your thirst for speed and aggression, with a more than admirable graphic section.

Download the best games of the week now. Plus, all of them have great reviews on the App Store , so we’re sure you’ll love them too.

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Mobile games are getting more and more fun, but these are the best this week . With each one of them we assure you green hairs, but don’t worry, other games will follow to relax you a bit more.

Did you like the games? Leave your response in the comments!

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