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There is not enough heat to bend our desire for bargain hunting

Cazando Gangas

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There is not enough heat to bend our desire for bargain hunting
There is not enough heat to bend our desire for bargain hunting


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More than one I know is already counting the days left until the summer ends and with it the heat. For others, the end of summer and the arrival of September is synonymous with keynote. In any case, we still have a few more Bargain Hunters in the sun, but are more bearable with the succulent offers they bring .

  • Let’s start with smartphones, specifically with the 64GB iPhone 8 in space gray. In PcComponents have it right now at 719.01 euros, while its official price is 809 euros.
  • Do you prefer the larger model? Right now the 64GB iPhone 8 Plus is only 799 euros. That 120 euros that you save from its official price you can spend on some AirPods if you put a little more of your part.
  • If there’s one purpose you can set for summer, it’s to take better care of yourself by exercising and getting more physical activity. The best companion for this can be this 42mm Apple Watch Series 3 in space grey that they have on Ebay. Right now at 305.99 euros and not 399 euros as the official Apple price indicates.
  • The alternative is to stay at home watching movies and series in glorious 4K resolution thanks to the 32GB Apple TV 4K. On Ebay once again, they have it for 165 euros when its official price is 199 euros.
  • In Macnificos have an interesting promotion for MacBook Pro, you can find with a 10% discount most models and configurations.
  • Although it is in K-tuin where we find more succulent offers of up to 25% for the MacBook Pro thanks to the Summer Break, a few days full of promotions and offers that end on Monday 25th.
  • For example, in this K-tuin Summer Break we also have offers in Beats headphones in different models and colors. Wireless and high quality headphones that can be the perfect complement for the iPhone or the Apple Watch when playing sports.
  • And to finish this week’s bargains, another compilation with summer promotions. In this case it’s SummerFest, which applies a 25% discount on a large selection of apps for macOS including Unclutter, Timing or TaskPaper.

If after all this our Friday section falls short, you can keep up to date and at every moment informed of the main offers in the bargain hunting of Xataka, Xataka Móvil, Xataka Android, Vida Extra and Espinof, as well as with our partners in Compradicción. You can see all the bargains they publish on Twitter and Facebook, and even subscribe to their ads via Telegram.

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