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There could be an exclusive DM twitter app

If we talk about powerful social networks, Twitter or Facebook can’t be left out of the equation. The bird company is making changes in these last weeks in, and one of the most talked about in the last days is that now we can send or receive direct messages from anyone, whether we follow them or not. In fact, rumor has it that they might release a dedicated messaging application, outside of the classic Twitter application.

The power of Twitter as a social network for dissemination is almost unsurpassed by any other social network. Not even Facebook has the power of virality and mass movement of Twitter . It is precisely its 140 characters as a limitation that makes it so active and mobile.

There could be an exclusive DM twitter appThere could be an exclusive DM twitter app

Although its official application on OS X is a bit outdated, the iOS version is regularly updated with interesting new features, which on this platform the competition with other customers is very fierce. In fact, according to AllThingsD, the social network is considering developing a separate application for sending Direct Messages .

We don’t know exactly what the approach would be, but it might not be very different from Facebook Messenger, an excuse to compete with WhatsApp without separating from the social aspect. It is also not clear if in this application there would still be a limit of 140 characters per message to maintain its personality , or if on the contrary we would have infinite space to write messages.

Perhaps the first part of this new phase is the possibility since a few days ago that anyone can send us direct messages without the need to follow us , just as we could do. Twitter’s public relations department has refused to make any statements about these rumors.

Will this be the final blow on the table for Twitter to take the reign from WhatsApp? They would really have to spin it up and make a much superior messaging app than WhatsApp to trigger the migration . They have an advantage because of the huge community of users who already have an account and use Twitter on a daily basis, obstacles that applications like Line or Snapchat can’t get off the ground.