There are new emoji in iOS 13.1 and more will come soon

Emoji have already become an almost indispensable part of our digital life. Whether it is to express a state of mind, to indicate a place where we go or to identify an object, these small elements abound in every corner of our messaging chats and social networks. With the launch of iOS 13.1 we have been able to see how some of these have been modified, waiting for more than 60 new ones to arrive in the coming months. Here we show you.

There are many emoji who have accompanied us since their arrival, however they have suffered small touches over the years. Although they maintain their essence, many of them have been outlined or slightly modified in order to make them more real . All of this taking into account that they are still small approximations of gestures, objects and landscapes of our daily life.

There are new emoji in iOS 13.1 and more will come soon
There are new emoji in iOS 13.1 and more will come soon

According to reports from Emojipedia, a blog expert in this type of content, up to 24 emoji have been modified after the launch of iOS 13.1 for iPhone, although it is understood that these will also appear in other operating systems iPadOS . Some of the changes are almost unnoticeable.

The emoji with hearts in the eyes has been readjusted so that precisely those hearts look more, the octopus and the squid have been detailed on their legs, the piece of puzzle has changed colour… In short, they are a series of small changes that let us know that the arrival of the new emoji is closer and closer.

Unicode, the company that designs these emojis, is preparing more than 60 new emojis including new skin tones for couples or new meals. But without a doubt the highlight of these new emoji will be the integration of elements related to people with disabilities . In this way we will see a guide dog, people in wheelchairs or with canes and even a bionic arm.

We are happy that Unicode and Apple are trying to integrate more and more elements of our lives into the emoji language, because it is almost possible to start a conversation using only these small icons. We do not know when the news will arrive but we will inform you as soon as we know something about it.

What do you think about these changes in the emoji? You can leave your impressions in the comment box.

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